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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of church/center are you?

Center for Spiritual Living (CSL) Seattle teaches the Science of Mind, which was established in 1927 by Ernest Holmes. For us, faith isn’t a single revelation given to a chosen people. It’s a collection of the most empowering and universal truths found around the world in ancient wisdom and religions of the East and West, combined with the methods and systems of great philosophers, scientists, and spiritual thinkers.

You will hear us use the words God, higher power, spirit, and many others that describe the intelligence we believe governs the universe. We use these terms in the broadest sense: to name a power greater than ourselves, not necessarily referring to a deity as defined by a specific religious tradition. Ernest Holmes referred to it as “Infinite Presence, rather than a being with a face and the form of a man, sitting on a throne in Heaven. God is Intelligence or Mind everywhere present throughout the universe and beyond the universe. It has infinite personalness.”

Through spiritual study, practice, and lifting our consciousness, each of us seeks to discover our immediate relationship to this Power, and to partner with it to create positive change in our life. When talking about this Power, we encourage you to use the language that feels right for you.

What is your vision and mission?

 Vision: We are a welcoming spiritual community serving as a force for good in the world.

Mission: We teach universal spiritual principles that inspire and empower.

 Are you a church or a spiritual center, and what does that mean?

You will hear us refer to ourselves as both a spiritual center and a church. At CSL our teachings are drawn from many of the world’s wisdom and spiritual traditions. Because of this, we are formally called a Spiritual Center, and we consider ourselves spiritual not religious. A church is defined as a place of public worship and is most often associated with the Christian tradition. Though we are not a Christian church, many people refer to CSL as their church. We invite you to use whatever language is most comfortable for you.

Who is welcome at your center/church?

Everyone is welcome at our center. You do not need to be a CSL member to attend. Whether you’re coming for the first time or have been a part of the CSL community for years, we hope you will feel a warm welcome when you attend a Sunday service or special event.

People from many diverse faiths, cultures, and backgrounds are part of the CSL community. We welcome spiritual seekers, members of the LGBTQIA+ community, couples, families with youth, individuals in recovery, neighborhood residents, individuals seeking a path to higher consciousness, and more.

How do I learn more about what you believe?

We offer a free monthly class called “Three Keys to Spiritual Living” where you’ be introduced to three spiritual truths at the core of CSL teachings and take the first steps to create the life you desire. This is a great time to get to know others and discuss what these spiritual principles mean to you.

Do you offer services in person or online?

We offer services in person and online Sundays at 9:00am & 11:00am Pacific Time. Live services can be watched online through Vimeo Livestream or Facebook live. Our services are family friendly.

Past services can be watched through: Vimeo LivestreamFacebook live or our YouTube channel.

You can also listen to past services on our CSL Podcast archive.

Where are you located and is there parking if I come in person?

Center for Spiritual Living Seattle is located at 6318 Linden Ave N, Seattle, WA 98103. We’re on the west side of Aurora Ave, near Green Lake. There is parking in the CSL parking lot, and lots of free street parking available on Linden Ave N and on surrounding side streets.

Do I have to wear a mask if I come in person?

We follow the King County COVID-19 guidelines. Currently as of March 13th, 2022, masks are not required indoors. But if you feel more comfortable wearing one, we honor and respect your choice.

Is there a dress code if I come in person?

Come as you are! There is no dress code– (other than being fully dressed) you will see as many jeans and sneakers as you will dresses and suits at our services. What’s most important to us is that you feel comfortable being your authentic self, and that you will not be judged for showing up exactly as you are.

Are you going to ask me for money?

Yes, and giving is optional. Giving or tithing has been a spiritual practice for centuries in many faiths around the world to express gratitude and open one’s consciousness to receive greater abundance. The donations we receive support the operations, services, classes, and more that make CSL a thriving community.

If you would like to contribute to CSL in other ways, consider volunteering with us. Email or call 206-527-8801 to inquire about current volunteer opportunities.

How do I meet people in your community?

 You can meet others at CSL and receive support for life’s challenges through our drop-in community groups, by attending services in person, or in our ongoing classes.

Other ways to meet and bond with likeminded people in our spiritual community include volunteering on a committee, attending retreats, sacred travel, or participating in Create a Better World, a service team devoted to making a difference in the lives of others by guiding and supporting people to take action in the world. People also enjoy meeting people through participating in our Gourmets for God program (an annual fundraiser, where CSL community members host dinner parties, fun events, or activities on specific dates throughout the year).

Are any of your classes free?

Yes, we have a free monthly class:

  • “Three Keys to Spiritual living,” where you’ll be introduced to three mystical secrets that are taught in various religions across the globe.
    • 3rd Sunday of Each Month- 12:30-2:00pm PT/ 1:30-3:00pm MT/ 2:30-4:00pm CT/ 3:30-5:00pm ET
    • Instructor: Rev. Karen Cleveland
    • Location: Education Annex (White House across N 64th St from the Sanctuary) and on Zoom (
    • Investment: Love Offering

We offer a Pay What You Will rate on three introductory Core Classes:

  • Beyond Limits
  • Steps to Freedom
  • Self-Mastery

“Pay What You Will” basis, means you decide what the class is worth and there is a love offering taken every class, however there is a $25 registration fee. In the past, would charge $240 for these classes.

For our regular rates for our Life Enrichment and Core classes, price will vary by the duration and number of sessions in the course. We charge an early bird rate of $25/week of the class and a $30/week regular registration rate. If a class is a 5-week class, early bird rate would be $125 and regular registration rate would be $150. If the class is 8 weeks, the early bird rate is $200, and regular registration is $240. Learn more about our current classes >>

Do you host any spiritual retreats?

Yes. We periodically offer small group retreats held locally in Washington, and in international destinations such as Mexico, Peru, Egypt, India, Greece, and more. CSL retreats are open to members as well as non-members. We require that all attendees of our international retreats take our Beyond Limits class before the retreat. Learn more about our retreats >>

I have children. Does CSL have any activities for them?

Yes. Imagine a world where youth and families can freely express their inner greatness, their true nature, in the universal love that is Spirit. Participants in the IGNITE Youth & Family Programs learn to seek and express Universal Love as the guiding principle and presence in all that we think, say, and do –resulting in the emergence of a harmonious and joyful world.

We offer multiple youth groups based on age. These groups take place in person at the Center from 10:45am – 12:00pm on Sundays.

Currently we offer a blended youth group for kindergarten through 12th grade.  Families with younger children may use the family viewing room upstairs.

SPARK: Kindergarten – 1st grade

FLAME: 2nd – 5th grade

Learn more about our Youth Programs >>

Do you have programs for teens?

Yes. We offer multiple youth groups based on age. These groups take place in person at the Center from 10:45am – 12:00pm on Sundays.

MAGIC: 6th – 8th grade (middle schoolers)*

RADIANCE: 9th – 12th grade (high schoolers)

In addition, our Coming of Age (COA) program is a place where youth ages 12-14 develop the skills, capacities, and gifts to live an extraordinary and fulfilling life. Each youth has a personal Spiritual Companion who walks as a sacred witness to the youth’s journey of awakening. Learn more about our Youth Programs >>

Do you have programs for young adults (18-35)?

 Yes. Our Next Thought group is tailored to individuals aged 18-35. The Next Thought young adult gatherings take place once/month on the first Sunday of each month from 11:00am – 1:00pm at the Center for Spiritual Living campus.

 Do you have a men’s group?

Yes. Our men’s group takes place the 1st Sunday of the month at 10:30am PST on Zoom. Experience the power of being supported as a spiritual man in today’s world. To sign up, please contact: Rev. Don Beaty at don@dwbeaty.comLearn more about our Men in Spirit group >>

Do you have a choir?

Yes. Music plays a central role in our Sunday Services and special events, with regular performances by our choir. Our awe-inspiring, all-volunteer adult choir consists of CSL members and regular attendees, from professional singers to those who simply love to sing. If you are interested in auditioning, contact Music Director Beverly Daugherty at

I just need some help right now. Can someone pray for me?

Yes. We offer free prayer support by phone or email 24/7. Simply call our prayer line and leave a message or send us an email and our practitioners will add you to their daily prayers.

Call: 206-524-7729 (PRAY)

Live prayer support is also available Sundays after services, both in person and online. Please log in or call immediately after service have completed every Sunday:

Request free prayer support now >>

We also offer ongoing, one on one prayer support with one of our Prayer Practitioners. Licensed Prayer Practitioners at CSL Seattle are here to lovingly partner with you in navigating life’s challenges and creating your best life possible. Through paid private coaching sessions and ongoing prayer, they can support you in any way you wish. Please contact one of our Prayer Practitioners for current rates.

You can sample a Prayer Practitioner session free once a quarter by signing up for a 15–20-minute Spiritual Tune-Up where you will be heard, witnessed, and prayed for. These are offered quarterly, watch our events calendar and Friday newsletter for the next one. View our list of available Prayer Practitioners >>

What is the benefit of becoming a CSL member?

The benefits of CSL membership include:

    • a deeper connection and belonging to your spiritual community
    • advance registration opportunities for life-enriching spiritual education
    • special events and retreats
    • free quarterly Prayer Practitioner support
    • free use of our sanctuary for your personal wedding or memorial along with practitioners who will support you through the planning process (limitations apply)
    • the deep knowing that you are treasured and embraced by a community you can call your spiritual home.

Center for Spiritual Living Seattle’s membership consists of individuals united locally and internationally by our belief in a power greater than ourselves, our love of spiritual teachings, our passion for personal and global transformation and our shared vision of being a Force for Good in the world.

Please connect with us so we can keep you informed of all CSL as to offer in our weekly email.

How do I learn more about what is going on at CSL?

You can browse our online event calendar. It is highly likely you will find something that you are called to explore, and you can always email if you are looking for something and do not see it here. We are always interested to support people on their spiritual path.

Join our email list for regular updates and resources or fill out a connection card to share about more of your interests.