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Our Class Offerings

Learning and growing — whether that’s exploring new ideas or deepening your existing spiritual practice — are a central part of what we do at CSL Seattle. From introductory classes about practical spirituality and meditation, to seminars on sacred texts from around the world, our classes are designed to help you transform your own life and be a force for good in our world.

We offer a wide variety of classes year-round.

Our Core Spirituality Classes explore essential spiritual principles and practices you can apply day-in and day-out to create the life you desire. This set of classes also dives into the core tenants of Science of Mind and includes the introductory courses that begin the path to CSL membership.

Spirit@Work programs focus on the spiritual wisdom and resources that will help you be your best self at your workplace.

Advanced Spirituality courses, which include Prayer Practitioner Training, are for those who have already completed our core classes and are ready to begin a deeper level of spiritual engagement.

We invite you to explore our course offerings and find the right class for you. Not all classes are offered every quarter. Browse our calendar for upcoming classes or read the course descriptions below.

Current Class Offerings

January, 19 2021 6:30PM

Awakening to the Christ Within | Webinar

We are currently in a season of awakening. In this class, you can expect to experience a genuine and authentic awakening of the Christ in you. 
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December, 6 2020 12:15PM

Introduction to Practical Spirituality

In this free workshop you'll be introduced to three spiritual truths at the core of CSL teachings and take the first steps to create the life you desire.
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December, 6 2020 12:30PM

Mindfulness Workshop

Learn simple, yet potent tools to harness the power of clarity, focus and inspiration
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Core Practical Spirituality


Are you curious about the concepts that we teach at Center for Spiritual Living? In this free workshop, you’ll be introduced to three spiritual truths at the core of CSL teachings and take the first steps to create the life you desire. This is a great time to get to know others and discuss what these spiritual principles mean to you. Join us via Zoom webinar. This class is prerequisite to Path to Membership.

Introduction to Practical Spirituality is offered the 1st Sunday of every month.

RSVP for an upcoming class on Dec 6, Jan 3, Feb 7, or Mar 7.



Practical Spirituality for a Modern Life

Do you have an urge to live a freer, more authentic life—with a little humor added to the mix? More than likely you are being called to go beyond your limits and take back the power you have given away to life conditions and others.

With dialog, introspection, group activities, and support from others on the path, you will develop a new concept of yourself, take ownership of your innate power, and identify and update your beliefs about the Universe and how it works.

This class or Spiritual Principles and Practices is a prerequisite for other Core CSL classes.

The next Beyond Limits begins Jan 25.

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Understanding the Power of Spiritual Mind Treatment

Would you like to become more aware of infinite possibilities for your own happiness and creative expression? Would you like to benefit yourself and others with one of our favorite spiritual tools: affirmative prayer (AKA spiritual mind treatment)? Did you know that prosperity is a pattern and one that can be changed for the better? Would you like to eliminate your own mental blocks, enter into the flow of Divine Creativity, and direct consciousness into satisfying life experiences?

You will learn all this and more, in Treat Yourself to Life! This class combines lecture and workshops and has a great combination of home study, growth assignments, as well as prayer partner and class workshop activity. You’ll leave having changed fear to faith and knowing you now can treat yourself to greater life.

The Treat Yourself to Life begins Jan 12.

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Prayer and Meditation

Being in daily connection with Spirit creates an inward strength that can help you live with more Ease, Peace, Grace and Love. This class is your laboratory for testing different types of meditation and learning tools to discover and create your preferred daily spiritual practice. You’ll also build on the Affirmative Prayer skills learned in Beyond Limits by doing spiritual mind treatments for yourself and others.

The next Steps to Freedom begins Mar 22.

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Have you ever wondered where the great ideas and tools that we teach at CSL came from?  This class will answer that question, explaining the spiritual shifts that converged to become the New Thought movement. These spiritual understandings are actually older than recorded human history and are found throughout the mystical traditions of world spirituality. They were re-discovered in the 19th century by some brave and brilliant spiritual pioneers whose works we will explore.

Rev. Debora will explain these big ideas so they are easier to understand than trying to read these works on your own. Come to enjoy the lively discussions and leave with a deeper understanding of the ideas and practices that change your life for the better!

The next History of New Thought begins Mar 16.

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What if the path to your most fulfilling life has already been written by the universe, and all you needed to do was accept it?

This class is for anyone dissatisfied with modern goal-setting which leads to so many of us waking up one day wondering what on earth happened to our life. This happens because we often set goals not on what our soul wants us to do, but what society wants us to do. Forget society. Listen to your soul.

This program teaches you how to manifest your soul’s deepest longings and offers weekly opportunities for visioning at different levels – from the individual, to the community, to the global.

The next Visioning class is to be announced.


The Sacred Art of Living Well

Now is the time to harness the power of your dreams and aspirations, and live the life you have only dared imagine. By teaching the use of introspection, inspiration, and empowerment, this course will help you seize the opportunities that your life offers.

Embark on a journey of spiritual mastery, exploring what it takes to make work a prayer, life a song, living an art, and believing an act. Newly redesigned, with experiential curriculum and an accessible 8-week series, each class will include lecture, journaling and introspection, and deep inquiry with instructor and fellow participants.

The next Self Mastery class is to be announced.



What if you could be counseled by one of the most brilliant New Thought Leaders of our time? Would you like to experience greater creativity, healing, improved relationships, or explore your destiny? Through this class you’ll have the opportunity to examine relevant ideas and uncover ways to make the power of our Science of Mind teaching come alive in your life. It’s a class rich with discussion, creative expression, and is sure to bring new insights into your life.

This 8-week course taught by Rev. Abigail delves into the works of Rev. Dr. Ernest Holmes, an internationally renowned teacher of religious psychology, a beloved scholar, mystic, and prolific author. With guidance from his writing, you’ll discover how to see past your problems and walk into the heart of your eternal being. You’ll feast on Dr. Holmes’ quiet, devotional writings, as well as his impassioned teaching for future leaders. You’ll explore modern psychology and metaphysics and discover your own limitless ability to choose what to think and feel, and therefore, how to make effective changes in your life.

The next Unlocking Your Mind is to be announced.


Living your best possible life takes practice, practice, practice. Discover proven practices that bring spiritual principle into action, allowing you to manifest a desired goal or intention. Through this 5-week course, explore spiritual practices and their methods that you can begin using NOW.

In this foundational course you’ll identify your personal Life Principle, set a desired intention or goal, and practice different spiritual methods for manifesting the life you desire. You will begin to see results and changes in your life!

This class, or Beyond Limits, is a prerequisite for other Core CSL classes.

The next Spiritual Principles and Practices will be announced.


What do Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, and the Bible have in common? They are all archetypal stories about divinely guided individuals who grow up by moving through a world of challenges that cause soulful evolution. By employing a Jungian Depth Psychological approach, this class presents the classic biblical narrative, as well as other timeless tales, as a story of your soul’s archetypal development toward divinity.

The next Bible Without the BS is to be announced.


What unconscious convictions and attitudes do you have about money? Could some of these thoughts be blocking the way to your ultimate prosperity? If so, it’s time to set yourself free and let Spirit lead the way! In this class, you’ll learn how to recognize and overcome the beliefs that are holding you back, in order to create a personalized spiritual practice that works with Spirit to boost your financial future.

The next Financial Freedom class is to be announced.


Leap into a state of true potential by activating the powerful Law of Mental Equivalents. For every formed thing in the Universe there is a corresponding mental image. The Law of Mental Equivalents is like a magnet that draws the exact thing you have deeply lodged in your subconscious mind to you. It never stops working. Learn how to have it work for you!  In this course, discover how to change the trajectory of your own experience through imagery, embodiment, and expansive thinking so you can experience your deepest desires.

The next Mental Equivalents will be announced.



Are you ready to enhance your capacity to thrive and succeed? Join like-minded professionals in exploring new ideas together — with a different focus every month — all aimed at supporting you in taking the next step in growing your business and developing yourself professionally.

Spend your lunch time — from your home, office, or anywhere you might be —on a dynamic Zoom call in company of people committed to sharing their challenges, successes, and hopes with others. Together we’ll explore spiritual principles as they relate to our world at work and break into small groups online to discuss, share, and lift each other in consciousness.

Register for an upcoming Better Business Break: Dec 1, Jan 5, Feb 2, or Mar 2.