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Life Enrichment

Our NEW Life Enrichment program at Center for Spiritual Living Seattle invites you to activate new parts of yourself and experience greater awakening to your Spiritual Being with classes and workshops in areas of World Religions, Business and Leadership, Care, Compassion, and Service, Communication, Creative Expression, Finances and Abundance, Mental and Physical Wellbeing, Spiritual Practices, and Spiritual Activism.

Take one class or many. All classes are designed with you in mind– to support you on your spiritual path and encourage the embodiment of universal spiritual principles and practices.

How do I tell what category a class belongs to? Life Enrichment class categories are represented by the icons displayed below and are displayed on the class image, as well as listed in each class description.


Certificate in Life Enrichment

The NEW Certificate in Life Enrichment from Center for Spiritual Living Seattle is an invitation to a more expansive spiritual experience and offers a gateway to activate the presence of the Divine in all areas of our lives.

Achieve a Certificate in Life Enrichment by completing at least one class from each of the nine Life Enrichment categories listed below in a 2-year period.

For more information or to enroll in the Life Enrichment Certificate Program, contact our registrar, Heidi Dillehunt, at or call 206-527-8801.

You can track your own progress towards a Certificate in Life Enrichment by downloading and saving the Life Enrichment Certificate Passport.


World Religions

Spiritual and Religious traditions from around the globe, including similarities/differences with Science of Mind teachings for greater perspective. Taught by faith leaders or Professors with expertise in the subject matter.

Business and Leadership

Exploring how Science of Mind principles can be applied to business and leadership situations using the latest research and findings in these areas.

Care, Compassion, and Service

Teaching techniques of compassion and care, while exploring how these principles can be expressed in the world through self-care and service to others.


Techniques and principles on how to practice and support non-violent and other compassionate methods of communications in our families, businesses, and communities.

Creative Expression

Teaching/expressing all types and forms of creativity, including Science of Mind perspectives on the co-creative process of life.

Finances and Abundance

Principles and application of Abundance taught through a Science of Mind perspective for thriving in all areas of life.

Mental and Physical Wellbeing

Exploring the variety of ways to express and support the mind and body connection, including practical applications to create wellbeing in life.

Spiritual Practices

Exploring the diversity of spiritual practices coming from spiritual and religious traditions, including practical applications.

Spiritual Activism

Exploring how to bring a Science of Mind perspective to social change and transition, including education and practical applications on how to make changes in our own lives and communities.