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Call: 206-524-7729 (PRAY)
Inspiration Line: 206-525-4438 (GIFT)
Online Prayer Circle at 10am & 12pm:
Online Prayer Circle at 6:30pm:

Do you need prayer support?

Whether you are going through difficult times or are simply looking for outside help to grow spiritually, our trained and licensed Science of Mind Prayer Practitioners are available to offer you the support you seek.

Whether you are looking for long-term or short-term support, Prayer Practitioners will put the power of affirmative prayer to work for you. Working with private, individualized sessions, Practitioners will not only help you deal with the challenges you are facing, but they will also help you see and realize the perfection in yourself!

Our Practitioners are easy to spot: They’re the ones wearing purple stoles at CSL services and events. Please feel free to make that personal connection—and put the power of prayer to work for you.

What are the Inspiration and Prayer Request Lines?

The Prayer Request Line, available by phone or email, is an easy way for you to be supported by our Prayer Practitioners. Your request for yourself or another is held in consciousness by over 70 Practitioners on our prayer support team.

Are you needing some inspiration or pick-me-up? Dial our Inspiration Line, 206-525-4438, for a daily, pre-recorded message to help you feel connected to the Divine within.

What is Affirmative Prayer?

Affirmative prayer is a way of praying that aligns our thinking and feeling with the truth that infinite Good surrounds us, always, in the form of love, harmony, peace, wellness, abundance and prosperity — and any Good we can imagine.

What is a Practitioner?

A Prayer Practitioner is a licensed spiritual support person trained to use the power of affirmative prayer to help you deal with challenges or opportunities that come your way.

If you would like to have either a single private session or a series of sessions with a Practitioner, you will be charged a fee. Individual Practitioners set their own fees, which can range from $50 to $150 or more per session. Some Practitioners offer a sliding scale. Please feel free to discuss rates with any one of our Practitioners. They are always happy to discuss the options that are available to you.


2018-20 Practitioner Council:

Chair: Heather Weldon, RScP

Asst. Chair: Joyce Borninkhof, RScP

Treasurer: Franci Pease, RScP

Secretary: Karen Jackson, RScP

Events Coordinator: Donald Thorpe, RScP

Practitioner to the Council: Gary Theo Schultz, RScP

Minister for the Practitioners: Rev. Debora Gay


Spiritual Tune-Ups: Alinda Page, RScP, Raylene Ewing, RScP, Emma Moreno, RScP

Prayer Line: Lynne Zeller, RScP

Inspiration Line: Jerrie Paul, RScP

Ministry of Prayer: Gary Halstead, RScP

New Member Free Practitioner Session: Sue Mills, RScP

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