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Kathianne Lewis, DD

Spiritual Director, Trustee

My vision is a world that works for everyone through the practice of spiritual principles.

In her 33 years of service as Spiritual Director and Senior Minister at the Center for Spiritual Living, Rev. Dr. Kathianne Lewis has inspired and served countless numbers of people—whose lives, she hopes, have been changed for the better by practicing spiritual principles.

Known worldwide as a Spiritual Leader, Master Teacher, and Luminary, Rev. Kathianne draws from the ancient wisdom of faith traditions around the world, yet always makes the Universal Spiritual Principles she presents applicable to human needs and aspirations.

Through her mission of Empowering people to live a thriving life, Rev. Kathianne leads worship services, classes and retreats, both locally and internationally, that engage, entertain, and most importantly, transform the lives of participants.

Having been a spiritual seeker for most of her life, Rev. Kathianne offers practical spiritual tools for use in an often-complex world. As a leading scholar in New Thought philosophy, she brings into harmony those teachings with the insights that ancient and contemporary religious study offer.

Rev. Kathianne was ordained by the United Centers for Spiritual Living, a national New Thought denomination, and received her Doctorate of Divinity from the same institution in 1995.