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Rev. Andrea Weatherhead, MCS

Staff Minister / Marketing and Communications Strategist
Rev Andrea WeatherheadMCS, has been part of the CSL Seattle community since 1996. She became a practitioner in 2013 then pursued a Master of Consciousness Studies degree and Certificate in Spiritual Education from the Holmes Institute graduating in early 2020 just in time for the pandemic. She is currently serving as a staff minister and part time marketing and communication strategist expanding the reach of CSL Seattle. She also leads the Creativity as a Spiritual Practice ministry.
Rev. Andrea loves the creative process, its unknowns, its messiness, and the way it divinely takes unique form in, and through, each person. Since creativity is at the heart of Science of Mind teachings, she encourages people to get in touch with their creative source to see how observing what they feel and hear from that still small voice within guides them and teaches them about themselves, whether they apply this process to making art or the art of living.
Rev. Andrea also loves engaging in voluntary education for all ages; her company has been designing award winning educational interactive and immersive exhibitions for museums for over 20 years.