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A Legacy Begins

The early 1900s marked the emergence of New Thought Philosophy and subsequent churches promoting that philosophy in America. Seattle was no exception with Netta Holmes as a serious student and advocate. More than anything, she wanted a church, and in 1921 she came across a building in downtown Seattle and said, “This is the place.” That small building became the first home of the Seattle Center for Constructive Thinking, which today is known as the Center for Spiritual Living Seattle. From this humble beginning, many generations of spiritual seekers built a foundation for us to become who we are today: a robust, passionate, loving and involved community. Going strong for 100 years!

The Center becomes the Church of Truth and moves to 3rd & Bell Street.
The Church of Truth becomes the Christ Church of Religious Science. Under the guidance of Senior Minister, Louis Malone – who presided from 1960 to 1973. The Church moves to 26th Ave. NW in Ballard in 1962.
The Church undergoes another name change, becoming Seattle Church of Religious Science, followed by a 1982 move to Northgate Mall. From 1973 to 1975, Senior Minister, Glen Wood presides.
A new Senior Minister Jim Munson, presides until 1988.
Senior Minister, Kathianne Lewis, DD is chosen to replace Jim Munson.
The Seattle Church of Religious Science moves to Sand Point Way NE.
The name is changed again, becoming the Center for Spiritual Living.
Celebration Hall is built.
Center for Spiritual Living moves to its interim home at the Mountaineers located in Magnusson Park and purchases it's new home in Greenlake.

In Fall 2018 we purchased a new church property at 6318 Linden Ave N in Seattle’s Green Lake neighborhood and began holding classes and events there April 28, 2019.

During much of 2020 and into 2021 during the Covid-19 pandemic, when we could not meet in person, our sanctuary has served as a production studio where we have continued to offer inspirational and uplifting services and class experiences to a local and growing global audience, all online.

Our Future

The Center for Spiritual Living Seattle, like many other religious institutions, functioned as a campus-centric organization for its first hundred years. The future however holds amazing opportunities for us to be a Force for Good both locally and globally by using the internet and advances in technology.

As an evolving Spiritual Center, with a hybrid model of in-person and virtual programs, we continue to adapt to changing times and strive to serve those who show up at our Green Lake, Seattle Campus as well as those who connect with us through our livestreamed services, online classes, and community opportunities.

Through world class talks, innovative educational programs for spiritual and personal growth, and nourishing support groups, we intend to inspire and empower as many people as possible to develop a closer relationship to their personal idea of God thereby creating more harmony among people and with our precious Earth.

Centennial Growth and Legacy Fund

In celebrating our rich history of the last 100 years, we are devoted to expanding our community so that all involved can thrive, discover their Spiritual Source, and so we can be a catalyst in creating a world that works for everyone.

The world has changed quite a bit in the last 100 years, and Center for Spiritual Living Seattle has been on the forefront of that change. We were among the first new thought communities to be founded by a female minister on the heels of the 1918 pandemic. We have seen our community through two World Wars, the Great Depression, 9/11 and the Great Recession. We were a key ally and supporter during the AIDS epidemic, and now through the Covid-19 pandemic.

We have provided years of support to our local community through our Create a Better World program with Habitat for Humanity, Rebuilding Seattle, and our Soup-er Bowl fundraising for the unhoused and food insecure.

We’ve seen times of boom and bust, and yet Center for Spiritual Living Seattle continues to be a beacon of light for our local and global community.

The Centennial Growth and Legacy Fund has been established so our Center can become even more purpose-driven, expand programs and services, become a world class spiritual educational institution, turn vision into reality, and better serve our membership, our community, and the world.


It is our goal is to raise $100,000.


  • 20% of our goal is designated to expanding and up leveling our programs and services and being a world class spiritual educational institution through: Create a Better World, Compassion through Loss, Weekly Meditation, Living Well, Animal Ministry, Coming of Age, Youth and Family, Creativity as a Spiritual Practice, Compassionate Heart, Reaching Out to Our Community, Membership Appreciation, Lessons in Living a Thriving Life, Focused on Good, Black, Indigenous, and People of Color Support Group, CSL Recovery Group, Practitioner Prayers, Inspiration Line, Thrive Program, Better Business Break, our Life Enrichment Certificate Program, Core Practical and Advanced Spirituality Classes, and our Sunday Services.
  • 80% of our goal is designated to creating a legacy through our Center for Spiritual Living Seattle Endowment Fund, which is being matched dollar for dollar by the Science of Mind Foundation, up to $25,000!


If you or your local community has benefitted from the teachings and actions of Center for Spiritual Living Seattle, we encourage you to invest in our community by making a designated gift of $10,000, $1000, or $100 to our Centennial Growth and Legacy Fund to honor where we’ve been, expand where we are, and create a legacy for our future.


Center for Spiritual Living Endowment Fund

Building Community, Expanding Education, and Creating a Legacy for our future. 

As part of your investment into the next 100 years of Center for Spiritual Living Seattle, your gift will secure our long-term financial future with a steady, predictable source of income over time. The investment into our endowment supports the sustainable financial health for our organization in perpetuity.

By investing the endowment fund, our Center receives an annual distribution of income while at the same time creating the opportunity for the endowment principal to grow over time. The financial stability afforded by our endowment supports two primary programs:

  • The expansion of financial need assistance to our biggest community building event, Seabeck Summer Camp. Community is our number one priority, and we want to make our biggest community connecting event available to all people, no matter what their financial condition.
  • Expansion of our Spiritual Education program, along with need-based financial assistance for any person seeking to advance their education through our courses. Our intention to be a world renown spiritual education center, making our quality education accessible to all who are seeking a greater expression of their connection to the Divine.


Why give? Six benefits of our Endowment:


  1. Regular, predictable income.

Through prudent investing and spending policies, our endowment fund will provide sustainable revenue for current and future programs.

  1. Donor fulfillment.

Making an endowment gift commitment allows you to feel you have made a significant and lasting impact on our Center, our community, and the world. It allows you to engage in and experience our spiritual philosophy of abundance, prosperity, and circulation.

  1. Timely solutions for changing needs.

An endowment fund allows our Center to remain flexible and innovative in our current and future programs and services knowing we have long-term financial security.

  1. A strong reputation.

We know you want to invest your money in successful and growing endeavors. This endowment program demonstrates our ability to plan and manage for the future.

  1. Financial stability.

A healthy endowment fund not only supports our Center during favorable economic periods, but also can be critically important in providing income during challenging economic times.

  1. Giving benefits.

An endowment provides additional giving opportunities. With the opportunity to make potentially larger gifts from your accumulated assets through bequests, trusts, gift annuities, etc., you can make current gifts from income to support operations “today”, as well as future gifts from assets to support the organization “tomorrow”.


Science of Mind Foundation Endowment Matching Fund

Our endowment will be professionally managed through the Science of Mind Foundation. They have offered to match our endowment dollar for dollar up to $25,000!

The Science of Mind Foundation has been established to promote, raise funds, maintain and operate endowment funds for the advancement of awareness of Science of Mind globally. The organization supports Centers for Spiritual Living and the institutions, churches, centers, organizations, and study groups, which teach and promote the philosophy of Science of Mind.