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Youth & Family Mindfulness

Is your child or family stressed or anxious?  If yes, learn simple and fun mindfulness activities for all ages to find calm and improve focus with Center for Spiritual Living Seattle. Sign up to receive a free video series of easy and effective techniques.


Free Mindfulness Workshops

You are invited to join Jeff Granville of Mindful Presents and Center for Spiritual Living’s Youth & Family Program the 2nd Sunday of every month from 12:30-2pm PT for a free mindfulness workshop geared toward adults to learn about mindfulness and techniques to use with your family. This workshop series will support you and your family to find greater peace and ease. You’ll learn about the science behind mindfulness and meditation as well as practices to tap into like breath work, the power of presence, and heart coherence.

When: 2nd Sunday of every month, 12:30-2pm PT
Where: Green Lake Campus and Zoom

Visit our calendar to register to get the Zoom link >>

Heart Coherence – Family Mindfulness Workshop

Join us June 12 for a special family session of our monthly Mindfulness Workshop and learn how the coherent power of the heart can completely change the way we relate to loved ones and the world.

When we are out of heart coherence, we are going through the motions without our heart in it. This creates angst, anxiety, and stress. Heart coherence can be achieved and maintained personally but is also able to entrain the hearts of those around us through the body’s natural capacity to mirror. Mutual and social coherence can bring your entire family into harmony!

In this free 90-minute workshop you will learn simple breathing exercises and unique mindfulness exercises that are heart opening and fun for all ages. Bring the family and then enjoy coherence at home!

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