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Important Update about Gourmets for God Auction

With respect to our June events and the current Physical Distancing recommendations we are doing the following:

  • We’ll likely be in Phase 2, which allows for limited small group gathering, outdoors or indoors.
  • Larger on-campus and some smaller house events have been rescheduled or cancelled – Please check the online auction for details.
  • All hosts for all events all year will be asked to have hand washing stations and sanitizing opportunities available for all guest as they enter homes.
  • All participants are to maintain physical distancing and wear masks when needed.


The following events have been amended, rescheduled or cancelled:

  • Massage for the Soul – Now on July 2
  • Game Night @ CSL – Now on Oct 9
  • Explore and Express Your Creative Arts – Now on Sept 26
  • Look Fab for Pennies – CANCELLED
  • A Day with the Horses – Now on Sept 26

What is Gourmets for God?

Gourmets for God is an inspired and fun-filled series of food-related events and opportunities for each of us to gather together, share some delicious food, support Center for Spiritual Living, and get to know others in our community.

Gourmets for God events include delicious food and other activities of all kinds; casual picnics, cooking classes, elegant meals, and fun food-related outings. Attend an event by bidding on a seat at the event during our annual Gourmets for God Silent Auction. Events are held June-December.

A Special Note

We are moving forward with our annual Auction Event this year, as most of the events are scheduled for the last half of 2020. We’re knowing the current physical distancing situation will end soon and we’ll be able to be with each other once again.

Our community’s safety and well being are a priority consideration for us and as an organization we are continuing to operate within the guidelines from the Washington State Health Dept. As the State guidelines and recommendations change, we will adjust our programming and events schedule accordingly. If any event must be cancelled, you will have the opportunity to receive a full refund.

Silent Auction

Gourmets for God 2020 – Important Dates

Event Dates: Jun-Dec 2020

Online Bidding: Fri, Apr 24, 9pm – Sun, May 17, 12:30pm

In-Person Bidding: No in-person bidding this year

Tips about Bidding!

The Regular auction events have individual tiles to represent each available seat. To get the best deal, place your bid on a spot that says Current Bid: No Bid. If all the tiles already have bids placed on them, place your higher bid on one of the tiles to keep the bidding going.

Note: You will receive notification of being “outbid” via text message or email depending on which option you chose when registering.

The Buy-It-Now auction events have one tile showing the remaining number of seats available. To secure your spot, simply click on the tile and click the green “Buy It” button.

Tips for attending events:

All hosts for all events all year will be asked to have hand washing stations and sanitizing opportunities available for all guests as they enter homes.

All participants are to maintain physical distancing and wear masks when needed.

To Bid Online, Visit Silent Auction Pro



How do I bid on events in the Silent Auction?

If you’ve participated in other silent auctions before, you have most likely placed a bid to buy the whole event. The Gourmets for God Silent Auction operates differently, however. Rather than bidding on the event itself, you’ll be bidding for one seat at a specific event. If the event accommodates six people, then you will be bidding for just one of six possible seats. You can also bid for more than one seat if you plan to take a guest.

The Gourmets for God Silent Auction is ONLINE ONLY this year. To get registered as an official bidder, click the Silent Auction Pro link and then “Log-In/Register to Bid” on the top right. Download your Auction Book to view all events, get tips for online bidding, and help you keep track of your bids. There is no fee to register for the online auction and your credit card information is held securely and won’t be accessible to anyone else. You will only be charged when you win something!

While anyone can bid, and we do not place any limits on the number of events you can bid on, your bid is financially binding and you will be charged for all events for which you have submitted a winning bid. Please note that should any event need to be cancelled you will be offered the opportunity for a full refund. You do not need to be a CSL member to participate.

Winning Bids

Upon winning, your bids will be processed on your credit card a few days following the close of the auction. You will receive an email with the event information and receipt. The event host will then contact you with the final details for attending. Happy bidding and enjoy your wins!