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What is Gourmets for God?

Gourmets for God is an inspired and fun-filled series of food-related events and opportunities for each of us to gather together, share some delicious food, support Center for Spiritual Living, and get to know others in our community.

Gourmets for God events include delicious food and other activities of all kinds; casual picnics, cooking classes, elegant meals, and fun food-related outings. Attend an event by bidding on a seat at the event during our annual Gourmets for God Silent Auction. Events are held May-December.

Silent Auction


Gourmets for God 2019 – Important Dates

Online Bidding: Mar 22, 9pm-Apr 3, 9pm Extended through Apr 10!

In-Person Bidding: Sundays, Mar 24, 31 & Apr 7 Extended through Apr 14!

Event Creation Support & Sign-Ups: Sundays, Jan 20, 27 & Feb 3

Event Host Forms Due: Feb 7

Event Dates: May 1-Dec 31, 2019

When is the Silent Auction and how can I bid on the events?

If you’ve participated in other silent auctions before, you have most likely placed a bid to buy the whole event. The Gourmets for God Silent Auction operates differently, however. Rather than bidding on the event itself, you’ll be bidding for one seat at a specific event. If the event accommodates six people, then you will be bidding for just one of six possible seats. You can also bid for more than one seat if you plan to take a guest.

The Gourmets for God Silent Auction starts with online bidding and is followed by our in-person auction on Sundays. During the auction we will help get you registered as an official bidder, provide you with a bid number, instructions, and auction booklet. You can bid both online and in-person with your bid number. See Gourmets for God – Important Dates for auction dates.

While anyone can bid, and we do not place any limits on the number of events you can bid on, your bid is financially binding and you will be charged for all events for which you have submitted a winning bid. You do not need to be a CSL member to participate.

To Bid Online, Visit  Silent Auction Pro



Winning Bids

Upon winning, your bids will be processed on your credit card a few days following the close of the auction. You will receive an email with the event information and receipt. The event host will then contact you with the final details for attending. Happy bidding and enjoy your wins!

Event Host Information

What are the responsibilities of being a host?

If you decide to host an event, you plan the experience (and the fun) regarding the theme of your event, what to serve, as well as when and where to hold the event. You can choose any date between mid–May and December 31.

In addition to being a great community builder, Gourmets for God is a fundraiser for CSL. As a host, you are responsible for all costs associated with the event as a donation/gift to CSL. You may, if you prefer, decide to host an event with another person or other people to share the financial responsibility. Whatever works for you!

During the silent auction you will have the opportunity to promote your event and encourage people to bid.

We encourage you to stand near your event sheet during open bidding times. This has show to encourage bidders, increase attendance, and ultimately lead to a more successful event! Once the silent auction has ended, we will email you your guest list. It’s then up to you to contact your guests with your event details. This is your chance to be a welcoming and creative host and have fun!

Click to download Event Host Form.
Return completed forms to

How can I become a host?

It’s easy! Our Gourmets for God team is available to help you with your planning. If you need some help getting your creative juices flowing, take a look at last year’s Auction Book to get ideas. If you already have an event in mind, just complete and return the Event Host Form to We will confirm your information, determine the starting bid price, and place your event in the silent auction.

What if I want to cook (chef host) but do not have a place, or what if I have a place (house host) but do not cook?

The Gourmets for God team will help you find your “counterpart.” Simply fill out the event matching request form and turn it into a Gourmets for God team member. The team will then contact you with a list of possible matches for you. It’s then up to you to reach out to your potential event partner to collaborate and sort out details for your event. The chef and house host will share the costs on a per-event basis, as they wish.

Once you’ve sorted out the details with your counterpart, please register your event on campus or online.