IGNITE – “Fun-Raising” for Families

Youth & Family Ministries Fundraising
Center for Spiritual Living

Purpose: Joy, Abundance & Connection

Vision: Raise the vibration of Joy through fund raising activities that abundantly bless our entire spiritual community and help expand the services of IGNITE – Youth and Family Ministries.

Primary Goal: To financially bless IGNITE – Youth & Family Ministries, in fun, community-building ways, empowering us to provide:

  • Scholarships for youth to attend Seabeck and other camps
  • Childcare staffing and food for special events, volunteer trainings and special classes for parents
  • Additional technology and support materials necessary for growth in the IGNITE programs


  • Chair or serve on a Planning or Event Committee
  • Donate funds, food or supplies for scholarships, program or fundraising events
  • Volunteer to serve at an event
  • Help recruit others to participate
  • Participate and purchase while having great fun!
  • Volunteer in classes, camp or the Family Welcome Team!

Annually we have been able to provide $8,000-$12,000 in scholarship assistance to youth and their families.  In addition, we have sponsored the Annual Talent Show, provided community brunches and snacks for holiday events and even created our own CSL Cookbook celebrating 90 years of service!  Brown Bear Car Wash Ticket Sales, providing the greatest amount of scholarship funds, have also given our spiritual community a great service and opportunities to bless others in the larger community with tickets as tips and thank you gifts.

Your generous love offerings at events support the programs, services and scholarships of IGNITE – Youth & Family Ministries at Center for Spiritual Living, including scholarships to Seabeck and teen camps.

You can also directly donate from the home page and designate your contribution go to IGNITE.

Love to organize special events and projects?  Want to help stage a FUN-Raiser?
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Janell Shiers

IGNITE Manager – Youth & Family Ministries 

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