Coming of Age – Program for Youth and their Families

This rites of passage program was created for youth, ages 12-14 as an initiation into adulthood. The program is offered once a year. It begins with a Kick-off event in November and runs January through June. There is a charge for the program as well as a commitment from both the youth and the family to attend all the events scheduled for them.



Each youth is paired one-on-one with a Spiritual Companion: an adult who walks with them through the program, listening, witnessing, and being present with them. Most Coming of Age events take place on Saturdays, with three overnight events. Activities include rituals, stories, games, inspiration, practice using prayer and other spiritual tools, time outdoors, and FUN, SILLINESS, and GIGGLES.COA_youth2014

Parents’ Program

Parents and adults with parenting roles participate regularly in a Parent’s Circle. This is an opportunity for education on the developmental process the youth is going through, as well as spiritual support for the family in adjusting to the changes the youth is experiencing.

Spiritual Companions

Adult volunteers participate with the youth in all events. They generally enjoy the program as much as the youth do. There is also a Spiritual Companions’ circle, in which they can receive support in working with any memories that come up from their own childhood child-rearing experiences.



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