Sunday Programs for Children in Celebration Hall Education Building

We are committed to creating a Sunday morning program where all children experience their oneness with God, make loving connections with each other, and learn the Science of Mind principles and practices of living from Spirit.  We are committed to to the vision and mission of the IGNITE program, uniquely catered to developmental levels and age-appropriate activities.

SPARK –  Toddlers & Preschool Aged Children 18 months-5 years

Young children are nurtured in a warm, loving and safe environment for them to explore, discover and play together. They gain important social skills, respect for self and others and learn to treat each other with loving kindness. Parents are expected to volunteer in the IGNITE Sunday Ministry at least 6 times a year in exchange for these free services.

  • Infants – Caregivers are welcome to have their infants with them in services.
  • Toddlers through 5 yrs – SERENITY room
  • program is available at both services for 18mo – 5th grade

FLAME – Kindergarten-5th Grade

Youth learn to recognize the qualities of God within them and in the world around them.  They are encouraged to explore, create and appreciate diverse expressions of these qualities through the arts, experiments, games and service activities. Social play moves into more structured Friendship Circles, designed to create meaningful connections with others, further expanding their respect and loving kindness. Participants learn that we are all equally important, valued and loved in Spirit, endowed with unique gifts, talents and abilities to give to the world.  They learn that the Creative Energy and Power of the Universe is Universal Love, operating according to a perfect Law.  Fanning the FLAME of this Love within them, not only raises self-esteem, confidence,  and empathy for others, but helps them express their unique Inner Greatness.

  • Kindergarten – 5th grade – JOY room

Help IGNITE the Light in children!

Apply to serve on the INSPIRE Team: Program Leaders/Teachers/Advisors, Class Helpers, Welcome Team Members, Guest Artists and more!  It takes a village to support our children and help them reveal their inner greatness!

Begin the process by authorizing a background check through the link below. Your information is held in strictest confidence by our contracted agency and by the manager of IGNITE, Janell Shiers.  She will contact you regarding “Steps to Service”, along with online and onsite training requirements. There are varied opportunities to develop your leadership, give your gifts and help inspire our beloved  youth.

Middle & High School


Coming of Age


Lessons and Tips