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“Igniting the Light of Inner Greatness!”

We envision a world in which youth and their families freely express their Inner Greatness, their true nature in the Universal Love that is Spirit.  Universal Love is the guiding Principle and Presence in all that we think, say and do, igniting and nurturing the emergence of a world of great harmony and joy.


  1. We support youth and their families by providing accepting, nurturing and creative opportunities for them to become more aware of the nature and activity of Spirit as their Inner Greatness.
  2. We empower youth to create fun, beautiful and meaningful expressions of their learning and understanding of Spirit and to stand strongly in Truth.
  3. We encourage youth to appreciate the Good in all life, recognizing and expressing their “Greatness On Demand”.
  4. We educate youth with stories, principles and practices that help them grow spiritually, in fun playful and meaningful ways.
  5. We inspire our youth to express Universal Love through service: giving their time, talent and treasure to expand the Good they want to see grow in the world.
  6. We ignite awakening and feeling the Light within, fanning the flames of Universal Love for all!



  • The SPARK – Infants & Toddlers ages 3 months – 4 years
  • The FLAME – Children ages 5 years – 5th grade
  • MAGIC – Middle School aged youth, 6th – 8th grades
  • RADIANCE – High School aged youth, 9th – 12th grades
  • COMING OF AGE (COA) – Rites of passage program for youth ages 12-14, as an initiation into adulthood
  • The TORCH – Young adults ages 19-24 who carry on the principles learned in youth ministry into their adult lives, connecting with each other socially and in service to our community
  • INSPIRE – Leadership training, coaching and prayer support for our Youth & Family team of teachers, assistants, advisors, volunteer helpers, Welcome Team and childcare staff
  • The LIGHT – Dedicated team of Licensed Practitioners who provide prayer support for our programs


All children are checked  into the classrooms through “KidCheck,” an online system designed to ensure your child’s safety,  make registration quick and easy and provide necessary information about your child to their teachers and advisors.  If you are new to our Center, please pre-register your child from your home computer if possible.

Click here to learn more about Kid Check!


Seabeck is our yearly family church camp held in August, providing a chance for youth and adults to create lasting friendships within our spiritual community, embody spiritual principles and practices in fun and playful ways, and enjoy family time together in a beautiful natural setting. Start planning your summer to include this rich and rewarding experience for you and your whole family!

Click here to get Seabeck Camp details when available.


Want to Help IGNITE the Light in Youth? 

Apply to serve on the INSPIRE Team: Teachers, Advisors, Assistants, Class Helpers, Welcome Team Greeters, Guest Artists and more!  It takes a village to support our children in revealing their inner greatness!

Begin the process by authorizing a background check through the link below. Your information is held in strictest confidence by our contracted agency and by the manager of IGNITE, Deanna Freeman, RScP.  She will contact you regarding “Steps to Service”, along with online and onsite training requirements. There are varied opportunities to develop your leadership, give your gifts and help inspire our beloved youth.




Deanna Freeman, RScP

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206-527-8801 ext. 5119

We can no more do without spirituality than we can do without food, shelter, or clothing.

Ernest Holmes