2016 Women’s Retreat
  with Rev. Heather Venegas

   Unleash Your Inner Warrior Goddess
Become a Living Torch of Infinite Possibilities

   May 13 – 15
Camp Burton, Vashon Island

Goddess energy is our
creative flow: unconditional
love , pleasure, passion
and wisdom. When we claim
our goddess energy, we live
in joyful self-acceptance
and self-respect, and we listen to
our sacred inner voice.

Warrior energy is a combination of
focus , dedication, purpose, and
determination . Consciously bringing
these  things together gives  us
our power. When we harness our
warrior energy we are confident,
clear  and bring 100 percent
of  ourselves to each action.

Based on:
Warrior Goddess Training – Become the Woman You are Meant to Be
by Heatherash Amara

Adjust your focus away from how you think you should behave and live as your authentic, perfect, self! Attend the 2016 Women’s Retreat with Rev. Heather Venegas and her teaching team. They will engage you in Warrior Goddess Training, helping you find out who you really are and what you really want in your life. During the retreat, you will:

  • Look within to see when you choose to live for others and choose, instead, to live in alignment and integrity with who you really are. 
  • Master the practice of being gentle, loving, and honest with yourself.
  • Participate in rituals, ceremony, dance, spiritual practice, walks/hikes on the beach/forest, body movement, creativity, games, massage, and spa offerings.

Witness and participate with wonderful women sharing, practicing,
and growing in a dynamic, empowering, and safe space. 

Fri, 5/13, 5pm – Sun, 5/15, 2pm.
Instructor: Rev. Heather Venegas
Location: Camp Burton, Vashon Island
Double Occupancy: $298 per person till 8pm Sun, 5/8. $348 per person after.
Single Occupancy:  $455 per person till 8pm Sun, 5/8. $505 per person after.

I honor the wisdom and compassion that was shared . I look forward to continuing the friendships made here; I feel deeply enriched by the sacred meditations and ceremonies. I leave with Peace and Power. And so it is.   ~2015 Women’s Retreat Attendee

To sign up, contact our Registrar:
Heidi Dillehunt, or 206-527-8801 x5101.