Rev. Debora Gay

Title: Education Director
Phone: 206-527-8801 x5107
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Reverend Debora Gay is minister and member of CSL’s Leadership Team as Director of Membership Services. Rev. Debora supports our congregation by assisting people to become members of CSL, find their right spot to volunteer, and coordinates the stewardship of our spiritual community. She is co-minister to the practitioners, who are spiritual counselors, as well as our team of staff ministers. Debora became a licensed practitioner in 2000 and a minister with a Masters degree in Consciousness Studies in 2007. Debora’s joy is to support people to live their best life by integrating spiritual wisdom through classes, retreats, and individual guidance. Debora joined the staff in a part-time position in 2007 and became a fulltime staff member in November 2012. Prior to serving here, Debora was minister for 2.5 years at the Center for Spiritual Living in Olympia, WA. Debora had a successful career in public service specializing in public policy, administration and program development for local governments. Reverend Debora integrates the spiritual wisdom of a minister with the practical wisdom of a professional administrator using the languages of logic, finance, intuition, prayer, and spiritual visioning. She uses both sides of her brain to create Wholeness!

 Get to know Reverend Debora…

What is your life metaphor?

I am a messenger of a translator. As a translator, I help the person who is mainly a logical thinker to understand the mystical, and a largely mystical person to understand the logical.

What is your cherished attribute?

I am calm in challenging situation bringing a sense of clam, well-being and peace.

When are you the freest?

When I am with friends. I enjoy the deep connections among us and play time when we are fun and silly.

What is your personal spiritual practice?

Daily time in prayer, meditation and journaling – which becomes an even deeper practice when I am teaching and learning. I have a prayer partner who lives in another state and our weekly calls make a real difference in my life.

What would you change in the world?

Everyone would have a guaranteed income for life and be free to create and express themselves – in essence removing any fear of basic survival.

What is your personal mission?

I am continuous learner and teacher. Whatever I learn, I start teaching organically by talking to people or by forming a class. The outcome is a living experience of life.

What is your 50 year vision for CSL Seattle?

We are a spiritual community center that is interconnected to center throughout Seattle and around the world. We are vitally integrated into many communities, with our teachings and practices having become main stream. A command of Internet tools has allowed us to overcome all barriers of time, space and language. Children raised in this dynamic, spiritual community enter into adulthood with a head start, knowing they are loved, creative and powerful.

If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion.

Dalai Lama