Prayer Support

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We believe in the power of affirmative prayer.


Are licensed spiritual coaches who use affirmative prayer to support people in connecting themselves to the Power, Presence, and Good of God within. Practitioner teach spiritual principles and support people in using those principles to change their lives for the better, while knowing that Divine Love is present and always working in all lives.

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Practitioners are available in multiple ways to support you. Meet with them on Sundays after services.

Confidential Prayer Requests:

Fill out a prayer request card located at the Practitioner Table in the Celebration Hall lobby, and our Practitioners will put your request into prayer.

You may also leave a Prayer Request voicemail at 206-524-7729 or by email to

Prayer Circles:

After each service come gather in the Sanctuary for prayer with a Practitioner and other congregants.

Inspiration Line:

Call for an uplifting message left by a Practitioner, 24 hours a day at: 206-525-4438.

Spiritual Counseling:

One-on-one fee-based spiritual prayer treatment with a licensed Practitioner is available. If an individual session is desired, contact practitioners directly. Pick up a contact list at the Prayer Request table.

Spiritual Tune-Ups:

Four times each year, practitioners gift the community with one-to-one prayer support. Sign up for gifted 15-minute sessions with a Practitioner. Check our Events page for the next offering.

Interested in Being a Practitioner?
Click to visit our Inward Journey page.