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My joy is to share how an intimate partnership with Spirit can completely transform your life and how you experience it. I love supporting people in realizing their dreams—even beyond what they ever thought possible—and discover how truly magnificent and loved they are!
I was curious about this Thing called “God” from the time I was very young, though I never found a connection with traditional religions. I graduated with a degree in Psychology working with youth and families for many years eventually evolving into holistic health practices from nutrition to energy work. The past 16 years I’ve had fun creating and building a successful local company with Spirit as my partner. I became a Practitioner in July 2015.
My intention each morning is to be helpful and healing in all that I do and to spread joy and love along the way! In my own personal transformation of wholeness, I find that I no longer really have a work life, a family life and a personal life. I have One Life and I have one self that travels through it. I’m in recovery and find great joy in helping others on that path.
I began coming to CSL in 1998 and have been a member since 2000. I have actively participated and supported the Better Business Breakfast since 2012. In July 2014, I helped found the New Thought Recovery Group bridging the teachings of Science of Mind with 12 Step Recovery. I have also helped in bringing four weekly 12 step meetings to the CSL campus, serving the greater Seattle recovery communities. I love to TA classes and work with Youth and Family Ministries.