Maari Falsetto

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My Purpose
“It is your birthright to discover your Sacred Contract. It will guide you to your Divine Destiny” Carolyn Myss
My life’s journey brought me to the very clear desire to have my passion and my purpose align with my profession. My purpose as a Practitioner is to walk with those experiencing transitions and feeling isolated or disconnected. With Spirit, I companion those in this place as they walk courageously through the tunnel of fire so that they can emerge as their authentic selves and open up to living a life of their power, truth, and bliss!
My passion from a very young age was the expansion and exploration brought about by travel around the world. It was through this external geographical travel that I began to really dive into my internal, soulful travel. It is my passion to deeply and compassionately listen, to allow Spirit to flow into all of my sessions for a deeper revelation of one’s heart’s desires. I open myself up in faith as a conduit for Spirit to provide a means of deep integrative spiritual connection. My profession as a Practitioner is my absolute joy!
I remember feeling a beautiful connection with Spirit from a very young age. I was raised Catholic but expanded my spiritual path with influences from around the world, having lived in Paris, London, and Tanzania. It was after I returned to Seattle with my first child in 2000 that I felt a call towards a richer spiritual experience and this is when I was introduced to the Center for Spiritual Living in Seattle. I immediately felt a prayer had been answered and I spent years taking classes, retreats and workshops. My connection to this community was heightened after sacred trips to Ecuador and Peru. I am so grateful that I was called to become a Practitioner.
In the world
Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field. I’ll meet you there. Rumi
I have a Bachelor of Arts from University of Washington in Comparative History of Ideas where I learned to expand the lens through which I view the world around me. I minored in Women’s Studies and French.
I began my career in coffee in the late 80s working at Monorail Espresso and then I continued on to become a coffee consultant around the US and in Sweden, Turkey, and eventually I landed in London in 1995 where I helped to create The Seattle Coffee Company UK. Here I had the amazing opportunity to meet and train over 500 people from around the world while opening stores in Scotland, Wales, Singapore, Brunei, Kuwait, and South Africa. In 1999, I decided to travel to Africa with a British non profit to work with local Tanzanians in building schools. I returned to my home town of Seattle to share the joy of my children with my extended family. Since then I have worked in the fields of health/nutrition, marketing, product development, and event marketing.
Participation at Center for Spiritual Living
Love points the way and Law makes the way possible.” Ernest Holmes
For 15 years I have attended the Seattle Center for Spiritual Living with time spent at the Ventura and Reno CSL centers. I have volunteered in the children’s classrooms, in workshops, and TA classes. As a Practitioner, it is my joy to serve the community that is my spiritual home!