My mission: Where the Word becomes real! Heal, transform, experience good and miracles in your life!
I come from a lineage of German miracle healers. Growing up in former East Germany, this was hardly spoken about in my family and I grew up completely atheist. It took a Berlin Wall to come down, an ocean crossing to move to Seattle, a PhD in biological oceanography, working as an ice microbe scientist, being a wife and mother of four, 20 plus years of personal growth and relationship work, and finally attending transformative classes at CSL to connect to and step into this calling:
My calling is to be a Practitioner of Truth and Love—to facilitate healing hurts and burdens of Earths’ children through the Healing-Presence, revealing the freedom and goodness already present in my clients’ everyday experiences!
My sessions run about 50 minutes. Sessions are held in Northeast Seattle.
Currently, I provide sessions on a love offering basis; this means you decide what (if any) amount you’d like to give. In general, practitioner session fees range between $25 and $200. I donate a third of my session fees to CSL.
Office hours: 10AM – 2 PM: Wed, Fri, Sat.
6 PM – 8 PM: Wed, Fri.