My life purpose is to illuminate the dark spaces. If you’re stuck in a dark place, I would be honored to discuss assisting you in moving from the status quo to joyfully living an empowered, thriving life.
I thrive teaching and training, coaching and learning. I have an MBA from Columbia University, a master’s degree from Pacifica Graduate Institute, am certified in the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® and am currently a ministerial student. My career has centered in finance and consulting. I’ve co-taught teacher-Practitioner training with the Director of Education at CSL and am currently on the Beyond Limits teaching team. In addition to my practitioner duties, I volunteer as House Manager and in Youth and Family Ministry.
I offer a free 30-minute clarity session. I often suggest simple spiritual practices that have worked for me. For example, for Big Change: every night: “I will to will Thy will;” or for lack issues – especially money – forgiveness practices: “Person’s-name, I love you, I bless you, and I release you” between 25 and 70 times a day until all the tension, emotion, and resentment has dissipated. It’s my joy to assist others by allowing Spirit to work in, through, by, and as me knowing Spirit is always for you!