Panache Desai in Seattle

LIVE In-Person Event
Discovering Your Soul Signature

A Transformative Weekend Event
Seattle, Washington
Friday, June 26 – Saturday, June 27

In this very moment, you are being called into your greatest expression, your soul signature. This expression is who you are at your very core, the most authentic part of you. Everything that has happened in your life has brought you to this place. This is the space in which you recognize there’s nothing wrong with you- where you receive the truth that you are love. All you’ve been searching for – abundance, radiant health, divine connection, and self-love – is already inside you, waiting to bloom.

If you long to end an internal hardship or feel like you are just getting by, the Discovering Your Soul Signature weekend is for you. Join Panache in beautiful Seattle, Washington June 26 – 27 and initiate the most powerful shift you’ll ever experience, the awakening of your magnificent soul signature.

The Discovering Your Soul Signature weekend experience is Panache’s personal invitation to live a life of authenticity, to rediscover purpose and passion, and to believe from your soul the possibility of all things. It combines both of Panache’s events in Seattle into one opportunity that will open you to experience vibrational transformation at the deepest part of your being and change the way you see yourself forever. Explore one event or join Panache for both events by registering with the purchase button at the bottom of the page.

Unleashing Your Soul Signature – Meet the Author
An Evening Introduction with Panache Desai

Friday, June 26th, 7:00PM – 9:00PM

During an incredible evening with Panache, you are introduced to the power of vibrational transformation. Ignite the spark of awakening you’ve been longing for and allow Panache to guide you in connecting to your authentic Soul Signature. Recognize your unlimited possibilities and be vibrationally aligned with your highest potential, opening the door to your brilliant, authentic self and the life you were born to live. Enjoy this unforgettable two-hour session and be sure to stick around and get your copy ofDiscovering Your Soul Signature signed by Panache. Books and CD’s will be available for purchase prior to and following the session.

Click Here to purchase the Friday evening session only – $40

Evolving Your Soul Signature
An Experiential Daylong Intensive

Saturday, June 27th, 9:00AM – 5:00PM

Through a process of vibrational transformation, Panache helps you step out of the need to improve or fix yourself and dismantle the emotional blocks and density that make you feel undeserving or unworthy of abundance, allowing you to courageously step into the greatness of your true self, embrace your unique Soul Signature and allow your boundless love to inform every aspect of your life. Panache’s interactive daylong workshop provides the foundation you need to move out of judgments and limiting beliefs and into the fullness of your birthright—an infinite flow of possibilities.

Click Here to purchase the Full Day Intensive Saturday daylong – $199

Click Here for the Combo (Fri-Sat) event – $225

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