Many Faiths. One Community.

As you know, we are embarking on an exciting time of growth for CSL as we continue the search for a new physical home, welcome our new associate minister, and celebrate our first century as a spiritual community. As we stretch and grow in physical and tangible ways, we also see an opportunity to refresh and refocus our brand and visual identity, and the way we tell the CSL story. I believe our new logo and tagline reflect who we are and where we are headed as we enter our second century as the Center for Spiritual Living.

Over the coming months you will see our new logo in our emails, social media, around campus, and hanging outside our interim location at The Mountaineers this September. Look for our new website to launch at the end of summer.

About our new logo

Our new logo, with its warm and welcoming colors, was designed to convey the essence of who we are as a community: inclusive, diverse, and accepting of all faith traditions.

The spiral is the oldest symbol known to be used in spiritual practices. It reminds us of our evolving journey in life, a path to spiritual awareness, and our connection with Spirit.

The rough edges and uneven shape of the spiral were designed to convey a sense of humanity – one’s journey is often not smooth and not perfect.

At the same time, the color transition from purple (representing spirituality) to warm golden colors (welcoming and inviting) expresses the changes that take place in us through our journey.

The opening of the spiral is an invitation: “Let’s begin.”

Our new tagline

Many Faiths. One Community.

The goal of a tagline is to communicate what makes CSL special — to capture what makes us uniquely us, in just a few words. “Many Faiths. One Community.” captures the core part of our identity that sets us apart from many other spiritual groups: we are a community of and for people of many faiths and backgrounds, brought together by a shared understanding of the Universe.

AnchorGratitude to those who brought our new logo to life

Designer: Miriam Lisco, Walsh Design
Marketing & Communications Committee: Andrea Weatherhead, RScP, Bud Green, Rev. Debora Gay, Rev. Harold Costa, Jan Simon, Kathianne Lewis, DD, Keith Jefferson, Laurie Hawkins, Leo Brodie, RScP, Rev. Patric Creelman, Paul Ramey, PJ Harris, RScP, Rachel Sofferin
Consultants: Gary Smith, Don Stark, and Jeanne McKnight, and Pyramid Communications: Anne Tillery, Jill Becker, Gustavo Asman

Stay tuned for more exciting updates about our new home search and upcoming move. Please join us this summer as we welcome guest speakers, our new associate minister Rev. Abigail Schairer on July 8, honor and celebrate memories at our Sand Point campus, and welcome our exciting new beginning!


Kathianne Lewis, DD
Spiritual Director, Center for Spiritual Living