HeartMind Productions presents
– James Van Praagh, An Evening of Spirit –


Fri, Oct 3, 2014   7pm – 9pm

The awe-inspiring James Van Praagh bridges the gap between two planes of existence, that of the living and that of the dead by providing evidential proof of life after death via detailed messages.

Van Praagh’s popularity began in the early ‘90s, on the NBC morning talk show “The Other Side.” He went on to author # 1 NY Times Best- selling books such as Ghosts Among Us, Talking to Heaven, Reaching to Heaven and Healing Grief. For five seasons, Van Praagh was the co-executive producer of CBS’s #1 drama “Ghost Whisperer” starring Jennifer Love Hewitt. Van Praagh’s message of hope has touched a great many people due to his television appearances on such shows as Oprah, Larry King Live, 20/20, 48 Hours, Chelsea Lately and A&E Biography. You will be amazed when you see James select people for the audience to participate in the calling of spirits. Be sure to purchase your tickets early because this one-night-only event will likely sell out.

During the 2-hour lecture you will enjoy:

  • Discovering the process of mediumship;
  • A guided healing and enlightened group meditation; and
  • Random messages given to audience members from guides, family and friends in spirit.
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Saturday, Oct 4, 9am – 5pm & Sunday, October 5, 2pm – 5pm

Currently there is an overwhelming interest in people desiring to get in touch with and understand the “spiritual” aspects of themselves.  When one begins to recognize themselves as spiritual beings having a physical experience, their lives and value systems completely change and they begin to comprehend the true essence of life. 

In this two day intensive workshop, James guides you through meditative and practical exercises to open you up to the spiritual core of your being.  There are open theoretical and esoteric discussions on aspects of life and death.  Through the information gained in these discussions and intuitive exercises it will provide a footprint in understanding the choices we make on a daily basis and whose energy we are affected by.  Specifically we will: 

  • How to learn to see and feel energy in and around you. 
  • How to recognize the various energy systems of the body. 
  • How to recognize whose energy is attached to you. 
  • How to protect yourself from “psychic vampires.” 
  • How to utilize thoughts and manifest life as you want. 
  • Understand the law of karma and divine order. 
  • Understand the difference between “psychic ability” and “mediumship.” 
  • How to psychically “read” another energetically and spiritually. 
  • How to contact your spirit guides and spirit family. 
  • How to initiate forgiveness and healing in all aspects of your life.   

Various exercises and techniques will be taught for anyone interested in developing their ability to communicate with spirit, as well as open up to their healing potential.  

James will also demonstrate his ability of spirit communication, bringing through evidential messages of love and teachings from his spiritual guides.

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HeartMind Productions is a partnership of Center For Spiritual Living – Seattle and East West Bookshop

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Information for our out-of-town guests:

Closest airport:  SeaTac – Seattle/Tacoma airport (SEA)

The closest hotels:

We also suggest searching for hotels around the University District (University of Washington).  Downtown Seattle and city hotels are approximately 6-7 miles from CSL (approximately 15 minutes of drive time), however please note that during peak traffic your drive time may be up to an hour.  This is especially important for Friday night events …  so, please allow for extra travel time if staying in downtown Seattle. 

Watch This!

During one of James Van Praagh’s workshops, I had the privilege of sitting next to someone who received an impromptu reading. I sat engaged by the love that was pouring through him. It was him and it was beyond him. It was a defining moment because I got to witness the depth of authenticity in his eyes, the light around his being, and the comfort conveyed to the readee. This was a demonstration of love in action. In that moment, James was reflecting the Goodness at the heart of life, as a medium of Spirit. We talk often about life being eternal in our teachings, the workshop with JVP solidified and gave depth to this saying. It was time worth spent.

Abundant Blessings, Atara