Center for Spiritual Living

5801 Sand Point Way NE (click for map)
Seattle WA, 98105
206-527-8801 :


Neighborhood Awareness:

Thank you for coming to visit! When you visit our campus we ask that you always park in one of designated parking lots, and whenever possible you carpool with a friend. Please be respectful of our neighbors and do not park in the neighborhoods or in business parking that is not designated for our use. Thank you!

Designated Parking Options:

Campus Parking: Best accessed at the light at Windermere and Sand Point Way NE our campus offers over 170 parking spaces including handicap spots, and designated family parking spots for families of 3+ with children, and new-comer parking.

DESIGNATED EVENT PARKING: Children’s Hospital Administrative Building at 6901 Point Way NE (70th and Sand Point Way) (map link), taking a free shuttle to the center doors of the Celebration Hall. The shuttle will operate on designated holidays and events.

General Services Administration Lot (was Archives) lot is no longer available for CSL parking.

Other Options:Center for Spiritual Living is accessible by bus routes 30, 71, 74. 75 & 995. We are located right next to the Burke Gilman trail and provide a bike rack for securing your bike while you attend services.

Traffic and Construction Updates:

Seattle Traffic AlertsCheck for current traffic alerts.


Thank you for visiting the campus of Center for Spiritual Living.