Greg Lavoy at CSL Seattle

Vital Signs: The Nature and Nurture of Passion
Workshop with Gregg Levoy
Sun, Jun 7, 1:30 – 4:30pm, Holmes Room


What inspires passion in your life? And what defeats it? How do you lose it and how do you get it back? In this hands-on workshop, Gregg Levoy, best-selling author of Callings (Random House) and Vital Signs (Penguin), will help you explore how you can cultivate not just a specific passion, but passion as a mindset—a stance—that helps bring vitality to all your engagements, from work and relationships to creativity and spiritual life.

We’ll examine the endless, yet endlessly fruitful, tug-of-war between passion and security in our lives, the wild in us and the tame. And we’ll do some courageous inquiry into our dis-passion—where we’re numb, depressed, stuck and bored in our lives—so that we can rework these tendencies in ourselves, claim our rightful inheritance of vitality, and get our spark back.

What you’ll learn:

* Passion can be cultivated. Turned on as well as turned off. And this happens most readily at the level of the gesture and the moment, not the five-year plan.

* Passion is in the risk. In the willingness to step from the sidelines onto the playing field.

* Passion breeds passion and disinterest breeds disinterest. If we lack passion in our own lives, our other relationships—our partnerships, friendships, communities, classrooms, corporations and congregations—will be denied that energy.

* Passion is more than exuberance; it’s endurance. It’s sometimes shoulder-to-the-wheel stamina and patience on the order of years.

* Passion is intimately related to health. To the degree that passion is vitality, honoring our passions enhances our vitality.


Gregg Levoy is the author of Callings: Finding and Following An Authentic Life (Random House)—-rated among the “Top 20 Career Publications” by the Workforce Information Group and a text in various graduate programs in Management and Organizational Leadership—and the forthcoming Vital Signs: The Nature and Nurture of Passion (Penguin). He is a lecturer and seminar-leader in the business, educational, governmental, faith-based and human-potential arenas, and has keynoted and presented workshops at the Smithsonian Institution, Environmental Protection Agency, National League of Cities,  National Conference on Positive Aging, Microsoft, British Petroleum, the Universities of Texas/California/Colorado/Washington/Arizona/Nevada/Wisconsin and others, the American Counseling Association, National Career Development Association, International Association of Career Management Professionals, Esalen Institute, Omega Institute, and others, and has been a frequent guest of the media, including ABC-TV, CNN, NPR and PBS.

A former adjunct professor of journalism at the University of New Mexico, former columnist and reporter for USA Today and the Cincinnati Enquirer, he has written about the subject of callings for the New York Times Magazine, Washington Post, Omni, Psychology Today, Reader’s Digest, and many others, as well as for corporate, promotional and television projects. His website is