World Healing Meditation*
4am Thu, Dec 31, 2015
Center for Spiritual Living – Sanctuary

Join with Rev. Sharon Ramey and pray with millions of others for peace and healing at the exact same time around the globe.

More than 500 million people throughout seven continents – from all religious faiths and none -participated simultaneously in the first World Healing Day December 31, 1986 at noon Greenwich Mean Time. In Seattle, more than 7,000 people meditated with them hoping, thinking and praying for world healing, universal peace and freedom.

This year, the Center for Spiritual Living, Seattle is hosting the observation, welcoming those who want to observe the international unification of minds to hope, think about and pray for universal peace and freedom through music, acknowledging all the nations participating, prayer and the customary silent meditation. According to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, its Director and former West German Undersecretary of Defense, reported that following the initial World Healing Day observation, there was “remarkable progress toward a potentially more peaceful world… There was a clean break in the pattern of constant increase in the number of major conflicts with which the world had grown accustomed.” According to the Quartus Foundation, which organized the original international gathering, the Commission is expanding and gathering strength. In recent years, more people are inspired to claim freedom in nations where freedom has been denied.

* Meditation in this instance simply means going within and focusing on your personal vision, views, thoughts and beliefs of world healing, peace and freedom. If you wish more information on meditation, please click here.

Easy Meditation Primer: Click to view Primer