Spirit at Work

CSL’s Business Ministry provides you with spiritual wisdom and resources for being all that you can be in your world of work and also offers opportunities to network, learn, and grow as a purposeful expression of Spirit in the workplace.

The Business Ministry curriculum is designed with your success in mind:

  • Better Business Breakfasts and Lunches (1st Tue each month)
    7am – CSL Fellowship Hall or Noon – Downtown Seattle, Tower Building
  • The Rising Tide Series (One Wed each month)
  • Working ON Your Business Forum (1st Tue each month. Free.)
  • Spirit at Work classes (2 – 3 weeks each month.)

Come join us; live well and thrive!

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Don Beaty
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Don Beaty is a CSL member with a focus on business and prosperity.  As the facilitator of CSL’s Business Ministry, he encourages people to experience and express more Good in their lives through their professions.

2015 Better Business workshop theme – Decide To!

  • JAN 6: Decide to Go Big!
  • FEB 3:  Decide to Operate from Courage
  • MAR 3:  Decide to Get Clear
  • APR 7:  Decide to…TBA
  • MAY 5: Decide to…TBA
  • JUN 2:  Decide to…TBA
  • JUL 7:  Decide to…TBA
  • AUG 4: Decide to…TBA
  • SEP 1: Decide to…TBA
  • OCT 6:  Decide to…TBA
  • NOV 3: Decide to…TBA
  • DEC 1:  Decide to…TBA



We can no more do without spirituality than we can do without food, shelter, or clothing.

Ernest Holmes