Inward Journey
& Practitioner Studies


Inward Journey 2015-2016

Are you ready to challenge yourself to a deeper love, practice and expression of the Science of Mind and Spirit? Inward Journey is devoted to advancing spiritual awareness and exploring your relationship to the universe. It is designed to prepare you to live more fully and purposefully. This year of study (September – May) focuses on deepening your knowledge and understanding of the Science of Mind as taught by Ernest Holmes and Emma Curtis Hopkins. During this time you will develop a deeper practice of the application of living a conscious life for the benefit and blessing of yourself and others, as well as become aware of what needs to be cleared in your own consciousness as you begin to apply your spiritual understanding to all human conditions.

PREREQUISITES: There are eight prerequisites for Inward Journey: Beyond Limits, Spiritual Practice, Self Mastery, Financial Freedom, Exploring The Roots of Science of Mind, Essential Ernest, Introduction to the Bible, and CSL membership. Exemptions or equivalencies may be granted by the instructor.

  1.  Instructors are Rev. Kathianne Lewis, DD, and Guest Teachers.
  2.  This great journey involves 30 classes and includes 2 retreats at Rainbow Lodge, led by Rev. Kathianne. The retreats provide you with the opportunity to deepen in consciousness and provide more power in integrating the principles of Science of Mind into your life.
  3.  The class begins with the first retreat, September 18-20, 2015.
  4. Following the first retreat, classes will be held Mon, Sep 22, 2015 – May 16, 2016.  6:30 – 9:15pm (except for holidays).
  5. The second retreat is scheduled for Mar 14-17, 2016.
  6. 2015-2016 Inward Journey Pricing to-be-determined (as of 4/21/15). Full payment and payment plan options will be available, with each package including both the class and retreat costs. The price of books will be additional.

Inward Journey Retreat: A Step in Spiritual Development, with Rev. Kathianne Lewis
Group Spiritual practices, including in-depth study of Scientific Christian Mental Practice, will expand and enrich all participants. Move from your head to your heart and beyond in one weekend. (This retreat is a requirement for and included in the Inward Journey of Spiritual Maturity program.)
Fri, Sep 18 6pm – Sun, Sep 20, 2015, 2pm (end time approximate)
Location: Rainbow Lodge, North Bend, WA
Inward Journey Mystic Mind Retreat
Renew your spiritual connection. Re-ignite the power of God within you. This retreat is a requirement for and included in the Inward Journey of Spiritual Maturity program.
Mon, Mar 14, 9am – Thu, Mar 17, 2015, 2pm (end time approximate)
Location: Rainbow Lodge, North Bend, WA

CLASS FEE PAYMENT OPTIONS (does not include books)
Prior to registering, please contact Kimmi Hansen directly: Click to Email Wendy Sinclair,Registrar / 206-527-8801 ext. 5101.  Once established, rates will be for new, non-Practitioner, students that pay-in-full or select a deferred payment option.  Practitioner and Audit rates will be available for those that qualify. A $100 deposit is non-refundable.
Full Tuition Payment Plan -OR-
Deferred Tuition Payment Plan
Will be available once the rates are established, Deferred Tuition payments will be due in three installments (August, November and March),  one for each term, and are payable IN FULL by check / cash / credit card by the respective due dates. Staffing workloads do not allow us to track partial payments. Each quarter’s payment must be paid in full – thank you for helping us support you!
  • Term 1 tuition payment is due Aug 3, 2014
    $619 double occupancy / $765 single occupancy
  • Term 2 tuition payment is due Nov 30, 2014
    $590 dbl / $730 single
  • Term 3 tuition payment is due Mar 1, 2015
    $590 dbl / or $730 single
Single Occupancy at the Retreats: Only if space is available – additional cost required. Please contact Wendy Sinclair directly.

Your education team is here to support you with information and guidance as you embark on this journey.
Rev. Debora Gay, Director of Education: Click to Email Rev. Debora/ 206-527-8801 ext. 5107
Prior to registering, please contact Wendy Sinclair, Registrar: 206-527-8801 ext. 5101