Sunday Service – Inspired to Shine

Sunday, Dec 3, 9am & 11am

Kathianne Lewis, DD returns home from her sacred to journey to Egypt, inspired and empowered
to speak about the Glory of God that shines within us all.

Speaker: Kathianne Lewis, DD

Musical guests: Rafe Pearlman


Holiday Movie and Christmas Caroling

Wednesday, Dec 6, 7-8pm

How the Grinch Stole Christmas, the 1966 version. Join Beverly Daugherty and the CSL Celebration choir for this holiday tradition. Bring the kids!


David Whyte Solace: The Art of Asking the Beautiful Question

Friday, Dec 8, 7pm

Explore the discipline of finding and asking the questions that help us re-imagine ourselves.

Speaker: David Whyte
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Sunday Service – Miracles are Awesome Normalities

Sunday, Dec 10, 9am & 11am

Miracles can be awesome occurrences that happen every day. The more you notice them, the more they show up!

Speaker: Kathianne Lewis, DD

Musical guests: Garnett Hundley & Beverly Daugherty


Mother Mary Meditation

Wednesday, Dec 13, 7-8pm

A glorious evening of music, meditation and message on the metaphysical meaning of the Virgin Mary.

Speaker: Kathianne Lewis, DD

Musical guests: Richard Held and Matthew Wilson


Sunday Service – Finding Light at our Darkest Times

Sunday, Dec 17, 9am & 11am

For many people, the holidays are not always the best days. How can we find an inner light when all seems so dark?

Speaker: Kathianne Lewis, DD

Musical guests: Beverly Daugherty, Lisa Craze, and Jeri Hudson


Winter Solstice Celebration

Wednesday, Dec 20, 7pm

Winter Solstice is the celebration of mid-winter, when the shortest period of day and the longest period of night happen in the Northern Hemisphere.
Join us for a night of ritual and ceremony to celebrate this time of endings and new beginnings.
Using poetry, stories and ceremony we enter into this special time to deepen and embrace the cycles of Light within and without.

Speaker: Reverends Harold Costa, Patric Creelman, and Debora Gay

Musical guests: Beverly Daugherty


Christmas Eve Services- Inspired to Shine

Saturday, Dec 23, 7pm
and Sunday, Dec 24, 9pm

Celebrate Christmas with something old and something new as together we wed long-standing traditions
with fresh and contemporary meaning. Come be inspired to shine!

Speaker: Kathianne Lewis, DD

Musical guests: Garnett Hundley, Beverly Daugherty and the CSL Celebration Choir


Sunday Service- Oh Child of Mine!

Sunday, Dec 24, 11am

Christmas is about eternal youth and innocence, so on Christmas Eve morning we will celebrate the children of CSL and the Divine Child that lives within us all.

Speaker: Kathianne Lewis, DD

Musical guests: Angel Choir and the CSL Celebration Choir


World Healing Meditation

Sunday, Dec 31, 4am

Be a part of this globally synchronized, early morning meditation that supports the spirit of peace and healing in each of us, our families and our world.
Our meditation will be supported by Irene Iris Ingalls and her resonant singing bowls.

Speaker: Gary Schultz, RScP

Guest: Irene Iris Ingalls of Seattle Sound Temple


Sunday Service – Out with the Old! In with the New You!

Sunday, December 31, 9am, 11am

CSL Spiritual Director Kathianne Lewis shares 10 things to do on the last day of the old year to prepare for a glorious new one.

Speaker: Kathianne Lewis, DD

Musical guest: Stephan Plummer


New Year’s Eve Eve

Sunday, December 31, 7pm

Let CSL be your pre-party destination as well as your sweet and sacred place to be with like-minded people to celebrate past miracles,
recognize the preciousness of every moment, and look forward to a bright future.

Speaker: Kathianne Lewis, DD

Musical guest: Erin McGaughan