Gourmets for God 2015

An auction tailor-made for our community
Great food, great people and a GREAT TIME!

Recruiting Event – Hosts and Cooks!
Jan 25 – Feb 8, 2015

Thanks for supporting this year’s Gourmets for God Silent Auction!
Together we raised almost $38,000.


Sun, Jan 25 thru Feb 8 / 8:30am – 12:30pm, Celebration Hall Lobby

Create a fun event for our April Silent Auction.
Now is the time to cook up a fun, food event you want to offer to our community. Everything goes -Great food, exciting venues, and fun people – From homes, boats, beaches, patios, bowling alleys, restaurants, ferry boats, pumpkin fields, campfires and more…each unique event is DELICIOUS! Your event is a donation to CSL for our Silent Auction in April.

Coordinators are available to make your great idea happen. Stop by the Celebration Hall Lobby for details.

Your event is a donation to CSL. CSL then auctions spots at your event to our community. So say your event is a Pasta under Moonlight event. You can host 8 people in July on your beautiful deck. In April during our Silent Auction, we auction off 8 individual spots to your event with the auction proceeds going to support CSL. Then the 8 auction winners come to your location for Pasta under Moonlight and you serve your amazing pasta and all have a fabulous time.


Stop by the sign up table in the Celebration Hall for your Event form and drop it by later
or submit your event online now by clicking on this Register link.
or click to download the paper form.

Get your submission form in early, by Feb 1, and we’ll put you in a Special Drawing. 1 Winner gets to choose to attend for free, along with a friend, one of the Gourmets for God events between May 22 and December 31, 2015.


SAPlogoClick this Silent Auction Pro link 

We use Silent Auctions Pro.com to support our entire auction.


SILENT AUCTION 2015 kicks off on Sun Jan 25!
On Campus: Sun Apr 12, 19 and 26 : Rolling close Sun Apr 26 from 12:30 – 12:45pm.
Online: Fri Apr 10 thru Wed Apr 22 at 9pm. (Whatever isn’t bought online rolls to on campus for Sun, Apr 26 close)

If you have any questions regarding Gourmets for God contact:

Click to EMAIL gourmets@SpiritualLiving.org or (206) 527-8801, ext. 5108 to contact Diane Bell.

We can no more do without spirituality than we can do without food, shelter, or clothing.

Ernest Holmes