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Gourmets for God 2014

An auction tailor-made for our community
Great food, great people and a GREAT TIME!


Online: OPENS: Friday, April 25 at 9am. CLOSES: Wednesday, May 14 at 9pm
On Campus: OPENS: Sundays, April 27, May 4, May 11 and May 18, 8:30am – 12:30pm
FINAL SUNDAY, ROLLING CLOSE:  Sunday, May 18, 12:30 – 12:45pm.

Events are scheduled between June 13 and December 31, 2014.
Thanks for supporting this year’s Gourmets for God Silent Auction!

Click to Preview the Auction Items!     Click for Auction Instructions and Tips

Each event is a donation to Center for Spiritual Living, Seattle – its costs are covered by our generous host(s). During our Silent Auction, CSL auctions off individual spots at the events to our community. Bidders bid on these spots, either online or on campus, with auction proceeds going to support CSL’s operating fund.

For example, a CSL community member hosts an event in July called Pasta under Moonlight for eight people on their beautiful deck. During the auction, bidders – after checking their calendars! – bid on, and hopefully win, one of the eight spots. Come July, all eight winners attend the event, having a fabulous time making new friends while enjoying amazing pasta and magical moonlight.


Registration is available both online and on campus. Valid credit card information must be submitted in order to receive a bid number. Any and all bids placed online or on campus bid sheets are legally binding and cannot be reversed. All payments for winning bids will be processed, in full, within ten days of auction close.

How bidding works:
Again using our example, the Pasta under Moonlight event has eight spots, with a minimum bid of $25. The ninth bidder knocks the lowest LAST bidder off by outbidding them according to the minimum bid increment of either $2 or $5. This is why it’s important to bid early – the first bid at a certain amount wins over the next bid at the same amount. At the close of the auction, the eight winning bidders (determined by both highest and earliest bid) will attend the event. It’s clear that bidding high and bidding often is crucial if your heart is set on a certain event. If two or more people want to attend an event together, it is strongly recommended they place high bids early on, to increase the odds of both individuals winning the bid.

Online bidding vs. on-campus bidding:
The total number of spots for most events is divided between the online bidding system and the campus bid sheets. However, there are some BUY IT NOW event spots that are only available on campus. If you choose to bid both online and on campus, be sure to track your events carefully because you could win in both places.

Note that there are great deals to be found online, since fewer bidders tend to participate there. Any spots that remain unsold by the close of the online auction are added to the campus bid sheets for the final auction close on May 18. 


We use SilentAuctionPro.com to support our entire auction.

Using another example, for Bowling and Bagels there are six spots online and fourteen spots on the campus bid sheet, for a total of twenty spots. At the close of the online auction, only five spots have been claimed online, so the sixth spot is manually added to the campus bid sheet, bringing the total spots available up to fifteen for the final day of bidding.

Do not cross your name off a campus bid sheet. Remember, no bid can be reversed, and all are legally binding. Our volunteer team will manage the bid sheets continually throughout the bidding sessions, so bidders know where they stand. Grab a volunteer wearing a chef’s hat to help, if you want to raise a bid that has not yet been outbid and/or crossed off.

Get your Gourmets for God catalog:
Note there are more details regarding the auction and bidding process in the front of the Silent Auction catalog, click to download now or pick up a printed catalog after registering on campus.

G4G2013thumbIf you have any questions regarding Gourmets for God contact:

Click to EMAIL gourmets@SpiritualLiving.org or (206) 527-8801, ext. 5112 to contact Moni Hiatt.

We can no more do without spirituality than we can do without food, shelter, or clothing.

Ernest Holmes