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CSL Art Gallery

 Featured Artist: Jan Viney





The new art exhibit in Celebration Hall is by our creative CSL Member, Jan Viney.

Her photography can be viewed from Mar 26 – Apr 20.

About Jan:

I think of my camera as the tool that connects me in intimate ways to my world giving me the opportunity to capture a moment of time. It is much like a runner “in the zone” and it often allows me to experience the deep sense of Oneness that is. My focus is on nature, the awe and wonder of it all and humanity experiencing life.  I have come to know that the experience is more important than the photography. My spiritual practice is to just show up and to be ready for what shows up.  More often than not I am overwhelmed by the beauty that I witness, and then all there is say is “thank you”.

Back at my computer my first goal is to find the image that clearly expresses the emotional impact I felt at the moment. The second is to display the photography in a way that will allow others to connect to that beauty I’ve experienced.

The Center for Spiritual Living staff, programs and community are a blessing to all aspects of my photography and my life! Thank you!

Website: www.janvineyphotography.com


CSL SUMMER ART Show features our Congregant Artists

Each summer we have amazing creativity on display on both the lobbies of the Celebration Hall.
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