The Center for Spiritual Living Art Gallery

Gallery hours:
Sundays, 8:30am – 4pm & Wednesdays, 5:30 – 8:30pm. Celebration Hall Lobby.

Our February Artist of the Month is CSL Member, Annelle Hollingsworth.
Take a tour of her work in Celebration Hall lobby today!

Statement from the artist, Annelle Hollingsworth:

Savoring Beauty Through Photography

Photography is one of my favorite spiritual practices. It is my joy to embrace the world around me with eyes, heart, and camera lens. Having the intention to take pictures pulls me into the present moment…to pause, notice, focus, and press the shutter button.

I have always loved the outdoors and being focused on the now allows me to notice light, shapes, colors, textures and detail. This practice has helped me see the beauty that is all around me and every day is filled with it—in the most ordinary or unexpected places.

I enjoy capturing the adventures of my travels, the magic of changing seasons, and moments in a garden. When I am engaged with really seeing, I can more deeply savor the infinite beauty that surrounds me which fuels, my passion, aliveness and reverence for life.

I am grateful to be able to share my photography with you, and it’s my hope that as you look at these images, you also feel something and are able to take that feeling out into your own world.