CORE Practical Spirituality Courses

The Core Courses provide you with essential spiritual principles and practices to apply to your daily life.  Together they create a basis of wisdom and resources you can use to create the life you desire.

Our Seven Core Spirituality Courses are:

  • Beyond Limits: Practical Spirituality for a Modern Life
  • Steps to Freedom: Treatment and Meditation
  • Self Mastery for Intentional Living
  • Watching God Grow Up
  • Essential Ernest
  • Financial Freedom
  • The Roots of Science of Mind

Classes offered on a rotating basis. Check our class schedule for all current listings.

ADVANCED CORE Practical Spirituality Courses: Click for more details on Inward Journey of Spiritual Maturity and Practitioner Studies.

For more information about this program or supporting you in your spiritual education process,
contact Rev. Deobra GayDirector of Education Click to EMAIL / 206-527-8801 ext. 5107.