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What I Learned on Sabbatical (one thing of many)

While away I had a heightened appreciation of the spiritual practice called “Worship,” or the collective appreciation and praise of the Divine in public (my definition). You see, while at home on the ranchette I had plenty of time for prayer, meditation, and study. I gave service to my ministerial peeps by participating in an […]

Inquiring minds want to know…

People have asked what my plans are for my upcoming sabbatical. I thought this might be the best possible forum for letting as many people as possible know at one time what I’ll be up to. The answer? Not Work! See, even though I love being a minister, I love studying for and creating new […]

Let’s Give God Some Credit

Late last week an I-5 freeway bridge over the Skagit River fell into the river, taking a few cars with it. All drivers and passengers walked away, after being pulled out of the icy cold water. My thought when I heard this – “Praise God.” It could have been so much worse. Then I got […]

The biggest learning…

I think the biggest learning in life is to keep our hearts open to our surroundings, our feelings of loss and grief, the suffering of others, and not feel overwhelmed by all of this. This takes true Spiritual Maturity, the Heart of the Christ. Now I understand why so many Catholic Hospitals are called Sacred […]

Why I like Glee

As many of you know, I’m a huge Glee fan. I like the spontaneous singing, the dance routines, the reminders of teenage angst (and the glad realization I got through those times), as well as the celebration of the arts. But the thing I enjoy the most is that we have a program willing to […]

Whose church is it anyway?

I often find myself talking about other churches as “Charles’ church,” “Edward’s church,” or “Petra’s church.” I bet a few people even call the Seattle Center “Kathianne’s church” once in a while. And, while I do consider CSL Seattle my church, as in the one I go to and work for, I don’t think of […]

The Pause that Refreshes

As you may know, it’s not unusual for those in teaching institutions or churches to take sabbaticals. Well, after 29 years in ministry, I’m taking my first – starting in July of this year. I’ll be gone July and August, returning in time for the fall start-up of classes (Inward Journey, anyone?). I’m confident all […]

How to Process Tragedy

A woman emailed me this week asking how she could process the tragic bombings in Boston. I was honestly at a loss for what to tell her. It’s hard for kindhearted people to understand what could go on in the mind of someone who would want to wreak such mayhem. I know I can’t get […]

A Prayer for Equality

This week as many of you know, the Supreme Court will be hearing cases concerning Marriage Equality. I for one can’t even imagine how they could rule for anything except Equality, but then again I’m not very politically savvy. I am glad the issue is getting so much attention however. It has to make people […]

What we are focusing on now.

Last week, on the 3rd, CSL had its Annual Meeting, where we honored accomplishments and shared plans for the future. Here are some highlights for those who weren’t in attendance.   Accomplishments: In 2012, we were asked to be Grand Marshals for the Gay Pride Parade based on our long history of being an Inclusive […]

If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion.

Dalai Lama