Adult Education

Whether you are new to Center for Spiritual Living or have been part of this community for many years, you will find one consistent thread running through the curriculum we offer – the opportunity to bring the message, feeling, and thought you experience during services to your daily life. What you hear can be what you learn and live through the CSL Education Program!

There are five categories of study:

  • Core Practical Spirituality
  • Advanced Practical Spirituality
  • Modern Mysticism
  • Enrichment
  • Business

These classes and workshops include well-rounded teachings to deepen your spiritual connection and improve every part of your life.  Please contact me directly at 206.527.8801 x5107 or EMAIL if I can be of any support in selecting your course of study. We are committed to helping you brighten your light, shining from within, out into your world.




Rev. Debora Gay


Adult Education Policies:

The Center for Spiritual Living Adult Education program gives adults of all ages the opportunity to journey more deeply within through study, prayer with others, and by practicing spiritual principles in their daily lives.

ATTENDANCE: Instructors will inform you of requirements and policies during the first class.

ADVANCED REGISTRATION: Please register in advance. This helps us serve you better by ensuring that we have the appropriate space and supplies available, along with the required number of students (minimum 15) for class to be held.

AUDITING (for Core Practical Spirituality classes): 50% audit discount available if you have previously passed that course and paid all due payments in the past three years. Label registration form “AUDIT” or enter the audit discount code when registering online.

CHILD CARE: Child care is not offered for classes, workshops or events.

FINANCIAL AID (as partial tuition assistance): Available through Service-Study for Beyond Limits, Spiritual Practice and Self Mastery. Contact Registrar at 206-527-8801, ext. 5101 or click to EMAIL for an application.

DISCOUNTS: 20% discount available to seniors (62 years and older) and to teens (14-18 years) for Core Practical Spirituality classes. Select the appropriate discount when registering.

REQUIRED TEXTS FOR CLASSES: For a list of required books for classes, inquire at the Registration desk in the Celebration Hall or the Bookstore in the Fellowship Hall.

REFUND POLICY: Notification dates to Registrar at the Center for Spiritual Living determine refunds.

  • Class canceled by Center for Spiritual Living: 100% refund.
  • Classes canceled by student: 100% refund when canceled online or with notification to Arnie Marcus prior to class.
  • 50% refund with notification prior to 3rd class.
  • 0% refund with notification prior to 4th class or after.

To be eligible for a refund, all withdrawals must be recorded by Center for Spiritual Living:
To officially withdraw contact 206-527-8801, ext. 5101 or click to EMAIL.
Withdrawals will be recorded the same day as notified or the next business day.

PHOTOGRAPHS: We occasionally take publicity photos during classes. Your instructor will notify you if photos will be taken in your class. If you do not want your photo taken, please let your instructor and the photographer know at that time.

Register online at or visit our registration desk in the Celebration Hall for more information.

Contact: Adult Education at: 206/527-8801, ext. 5101, Click to EMAIL

We can no more do without spirituality than we can do without food, shelter, or clothing.

Ernest Holmes