Wellness Program

Maximize our physical functioning so we can maximize our spiritual practice.


Center for Spiritual Living (CSL) has the physically and mentally healthiest spiritual community in the world.


We support CSL members and other congregants in achieving the maximum degree of nutritional,
mental and physical health in order that we may all express Spirit to the fullest.


The Center for Spiritual Living teaches people spiritual practices to live by. The Wellness Ministry supports achieving and sustaining the physical and mental excellence to support the spiritual journey in a physical body.
On the spiritual plane, we become what we think and feel. So also on the physical level—we are affected by what we eat and how we move our bodies. The Wellness Ministry is dedicated to providing the information and experiences to support healthy, functional bodies and minds.
The Wellness Ministry focuses on how to best integrate our lives with the requirements for healthy nutrition, healthy activity, and healthy brain function in order to support our spiritual journey.


The Wellness Ministry achieves its mission by…

Acting as a resource for CSL in all of it activities that affect the physical and mental—dietary considerations, ergonomics, exercise, substance use and abuse, meditation etc.
Offering guidance in topics such as nutrition, mental health, physical activities, and more.
Objectives will be achieved by distribution of bulletins, presentations, workshops/seminars, and other vehicles as they develop.

Future Possibilities

Measurement of progress could be achieved by conducting an anonymous and confidential health risk assessment to provide raw data and measurement of community risks and improvement over time.
Support food service at CSL events to evaluate compliance with prescribed standards of nutrition and safety; submit recommendations for improvement.
Recommend existing health resources available in the community, in the region, and beyond.
Present events conducted by experts in health areas of interest such as chronic disease, smoking cessation, mental disorders, and other health-related issues of interest.
Develop community activities such as walking and other fitness programs.
Continue to test the pulse and requirements of the community to ever-expand and revise the Wellness Ministry so that it achieves its vision and mission.

If you are interested in this Mininstry there are many opportunities to be involved.

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