Our CSL community is made up of people who believe that there is an infinite source of abundance, goodness and possibilities available to create thriving, dynamic lives. Giving of our time, talents, resources and service to others is a natural outcome of living our spiritual faith and practices. Together We Thrive.

A Celebration of Abundance

With a joyful heart I dance through life knowing that God provides for all my needs.
I am filled up to overflowing with Love and Support, and so I feel free to give of myself to others.
I am guided by grace to my ever growing Good.
I blissfully open my heart and my mind to receive, and I am lifted by the expansiveness that I feel into the flow of Life.
I sprinkle the Unlimited Bounty of my Abundance around like confetti, blessing others as God has blessed me.
I gratefully acknowledge my Oneness with the Unlimited Source of all there is.
And so it is!



We believe that giving enriches the giver. There are numerous ways to share your gifts with Center for Spiritual Living.
GOT QUESTIONS? Check out our Intentional Giving FAQS

  • Contribute financially
  • Intentional Gift
  • Give a one-time gift
  • Give a recurring donation
  • Give Stocks
  • Make Center for Spiritual Living part of your Legacy planning.

Contribute as a Volunteer; Youth Teacher, Facilitator, Teaching Assistant, Outreach Coordinator, Administrative, Facility, Landscaping, and more.

Contribute prayers for our community.

If you have questions about giving or prefer to contact us directly:

Thank you for your generous gifts and continuing support of Center for Spiritual Living!