Most of us only know a small part of what Love really is. We’ve known sentimentality, attachment, comfort, and security, but perhaps not the all-encompassing, blissful love without borders that is available to all who are brave enough to pursue it. Why do I say brave? Because pure Love asks a lot of us. Pure Love will change us. It changes everything. – Kathianne Lewis, DD

Welcome to your self-guided 40-day journey to love! Using this foundational practice will support you in experiencing a deep, all-encompassing love without borders.

Begin your online journey when it is best for you. It is recommended to listen to the daily audio, meditate and journal at the same time each day to create a lasting spiritual practice for yourself. Scroll down for class materials.

About Kathianne Lewis, DD:

Kathianne has served thousands of people in her 25+ years of service as Spiritual Director at the Center for Spiritual Living Seattle. She is known worldwide as a Spiritual Leader, Master Teacher and Luminary –Empowering people to live a thriving life. Her worship services, classes and retreats, both locally and internationally, are engaging, entertaining and most importantly, transformational. Having been a spiritual seeker for most of her life, she draws from the ancient wisdom of faith traditions around the world, yet always makes the Universal Spiritual Principles she presents applicable to human needs and aspirations. As a leading scholar in New Thought philosophy, she brings into harmony those teachings with the insights that ancient and contemporary religious study offer. Always, she offers practical spiritual tools for use in an often complex world. Kathianne (as she likes to be called) was ordained by the United Centers for Spiritual Living, a national New Thought denomination, and received her Doctorate of Divinity from the same in 1995.


Class Materials:

To access the PDF Journal and the Audio you will need to be connected to the internet, then click the Links for the PDF and for the specific daily practice day below. Next, in the area requesting an event password, enter the password Love2017 listed below. Then click the “Click to Listen” link and then click the Replay > button and/or you may download the audio to your computer or similar device to add to your Media Library.


Click to Download the 40 Days to Love PDF Journal

To Listen to the Audio:

Click the Day’s link and then enter the Password: Love2017 and click continue.

Next, click the listen link.

Now click the Replay Is Available button followed by play or download link to listen.

IMPORTANT: Use this password every day: Love2017










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