What we are focusing on now.

Last week, on the 3rd, CSL had its Annual Meeting, where we honored accomplishments and shared plans for the future. Here are some highlights for those who weren’t in attendance.



In 2012, we were asked to be Grand Marshals for the Gay Pride Parade based on our long history of being an Inclusive Community.

We are so financially solvent (money in the bank) that we are able to renegotiate our current mortgage and we are being “courted” by another bank. It’s nice to be wanted.

We got our permanent occupancy certificate, thanks to the hard work of Thomas Mead and John Brodrick, RScP. This has been a two-year process of proving we fulfilled city regulations when we built our new facility.

We had one of the best pledge campaigns in Church history, with totals over $2,000,000.

We were able to contribute significantly to spreading the “Centers for Spiritual Living” message by not only contributing to our National Organization, but also by supporting other Centers throughout the Nation and especially in the Northwest.

We added live streaming to our Sunday offerings.

We were able to add Rev. Debora Gay to the ministerial staff to focus on Member Development.


What we want to focus on in the near future is:

Providing events, services, retreats and activities where People Experience God.

Developing people into their full potential.

Expanding our influence of Good in the area and in the World.

Grow by at least 20%. We realize that CSL is a Divine Idea held in the Mind of God and CSL has clothed itself in a large and beautiful building that wants to be filled. We also realize we didn’t build the new facility for the people in the room. We built it for the people who would seek us out to be given Hope when they hurt, Faith when they fear, and a place to celebrate the Miracles of the Spiritual Life.


It was a wonderful meeting. I can’t wait to see what 2013 brings.


If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion.

Dalai Lama