Spiritual Advice on How to Vote this Coming Election

Today I’m introducing my first guest blogger. Thanks to Facebook, many people are getting their ideas about who should be elected and what initiative should be supported out there for all to see. And then some people, like my friend and fellow CSL member Donna Wood, are willing to ask deeper questions. Questions that are ultimately empowering.

So I asked Donna if I could share a portion of her Facebook post on this blog so that hopefully more people could use the November elections as a time for personal growth instead of fear and intimidation.

Here are Donna’s words:

Everyone, this PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION is a perfect opportunity for all of us to experience more FREEDOM! It seems like most people in our nation and perhaps even in the rest of the world are afraid that if “the wrong man” becomes president, our own needs will not be met. That is giving our power away. That is turning our lives over to the care of another, and that person does not even know us. I invite us all to write down the fear(s), all of them and then to take a very close look at those fears because they can be individualized to our own lives. 2012 is the year that the world is supposed to end. Perhaps what is ending is our expectation that “something or someone” outside of myself is going to “fix” the fear that I have inside of me. This presidential election is a perfect opportunity to see our fears in full operation. Love yourself enough to see the programs or “viruses” that are running in the background of your perceptions. I have been known to have a need “to be right” which makes another “wrong” because my deep and false belief is that I am wrong. I was born wrong. Knowing that “being wrong” has been “running me” for my whole life, I can step back more and more from that behavior and that belief of right and wrong and know that God Is, I am, You Are, and everyone is doing their best, all the time. Much Love Y’All.

If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion.

Dalai Lama