Egypt, We Love You

I want to share this poem by our long distance member, Miriam because it gives a sampling of our experiences.

Egypt, We Love You

We came to Egypt trusting Spirit, not knowing what we’d find,
And 10 days later, all we’ve done and learned has truly blown our mind!
We saw the pyramids at dawn and felt the power of the Sphinx,
And saw the distance between ancient peoples and us is a matter of a few short links.
We worshipped in sacred spaces, giving thanks for all around,
And realized that everywhere we step is truly holy ground.
On the boat and at markets, we bargained for rugs and alabaster,
And Shobana and Sharon proved that at this, they are the master!
Lyndon walked like an Egyptian at each location that he could,
And we all became a community, and we all pronounced it good.
Sean and Scarlett kissed beneath the statues, the temples witnessing their love,
While Fathi pointed out the loving arms of Nut on temple ceilings up above.
Emil had us feel the power of the magical spots where we now walked,
And our hearts opened up and softened, and hard places became unblocked.
Kathianne was Cleopatra, and Tonia rocked the belly dance,
And George became 10 years younger, and with Heida felt new romance!
Akram and Kellie kept everything well-organized and in sync—
To manage such a crazy bunch is harder than you think!
Mohamed’s wise and gentle presence let us know that all was well,
So that when we got back to the States, we’d all have fabulous stories to tell.
Egypt is in our minds and hearts, and in our luggage, too!
What we know is that we’ll always love Egypt—our treasure, old and new.

– Miriam Rich
January 25, 2012

If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion.

Dalai Lama