A Modern Day Psalm

I passed this out to those in attendance on Sunday, but wanted to give others a chance to use it.

A Modern Day Psalm by Rev. Kathianne Lewis

O Divine Spirit, wake me up to what is True, Eternal and Good.

Keep me steady while the world shifts and changes and rearranges itself.

Don’t let me stumble or fall in any way.

Keep me cheerful when all those around me are pessimistic and whiney.

Let my Love and Joy lift them up and soothe their fears.

Keep me focused when the multitude of distractions cry out for me to partake of their pleasures.

Don’t let me trade a short-term thrill for the long-term rewards of discipline and commitment.

Keep me positive about the future even though what makes it on the news is the latest crisis or example of human failings.

Let me be the one to share the Good news that all people are created by Goodness and together we can create beautiful solutions for what ails the world.

Keep me faithful to the highest truths I know, even when my doubts loom large.

Let the Faith within me grow and dissolve the last vestiges of disease, debt, distress, loneliness, poverty or ignorance within me.

Let the Light of my Faith ignite the Faith of others so that all can know: God is the Ultimate Source of all Good things.

With these words my life is shaped.

Glory to God in All!


If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion.

Dalai Lama