People want what we offer – Help them find us.

The polls are in! If "spiritual but not religious" were a denomination in the United States, it would have more members than any of the others. Wow! And if you consider how many people reading this blog consider themselves "spiritual but not religious," we can be comforted in knowing we are a large portion of the American population. And if you are under 30 years of age, and fall into the "spiritual but not religious" category you are in the overwhelming majority for your age group (75% consider themselves spiritual but have no religious affiliation).

It sounds like a bunch of people out there are avoiding churches. They might be. However we also know these spiritual types are still seekers and want inspiration, empowerment and a community of people to interact with. Lenny Bruce might have gotten it right years ago when he said, "Every day people are straying away from the church and going back to God."

What Centers for Spiritual Living offer is a place to rest, refresh and renew our connection with that great "something greater than ourselves," or as Ernest Holmes put it, "The Thing Itself."

We don’t have a lot of dogma, and only a few traditions that people can participate in to the degree they are willing. Personally (and I admit I’m prejudiced), this way of teaching is perfect for the "SBNR."

So if you know of other "SBNR" types, no matter where they live, tell them about Centers for Spiritual Living. We have all of them available with a link on this website (on the "about us" page).

Let’s spread the word – "Spiritual But Not Religious" unite!


If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion.

Dalai Lama